Doughnut Bun is a neat, perfectly circular shaped bun. It is styled with a rounded, sponge hair accessory that resembles a doughnut in shape. This bun can also be made by using a sock. In this, the hair doughnut is fashioned out of an old sock where the foot portion is cut off and the remaining portion rolled up.

Now let us check out how to style this look rightly. Firstly, brush your hair properly then apply hair serum evenly on your hair. Pull your hair in a ponytail and choose the height depending on if you want a top knot or a ballerina bun. Thread your ponytail through the middle of the doughnut. Find the centre of the ponytail that is pulled through the doughnut and wrap it around the sponge. Don’t forget to adjust the hair around the doughnut if they are poking through. Finally, put one hand on the centre of the bun so that its main shape remain intact,then wind the end of your hair in a circular motion around the doughnut and keep tucking the strands under the bun. It is important to fasten your hair with bobby pins so that the bun is kept in place. Use a hair spray to smoothen out the flyaway strands.
You can accessorize the hairdo with clips and bows. Go for bold lips in case you want a peppy and clean look.



Style Your Hair With Doughnut Bun

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