As we all know that acne is very annoying and embarrassing. Whenever I have a breakout, I feel so embarrassed and wish the acne to disappear as soon as possible. We all try to find out various solutions to tackle this problem. One of the best remedies to deal with acne is honey, I mean that there is some hope as honey can really benefit you in solving this issue. Many ladies are using honey to deal with the irritating “Acne Issue”

How does honey help in curing Acne?
It’s very simple since honey absorbs impurities from the pores on the skin, it is an ideal cleansing agent and it also is a natural antiseptic, it soothes and heals your skin.


Points to be noted while purchasing Honey:
Girls, when you buy honey it is essential to make sure that the honey you bought is raw honey as it gives much better results when compared to regular honey. The reason behind this is that the raw honey has all its beneficial values intact as it is unfiltered. You can also opt for organic honey; that is also a very good remedy for acne.

Procedure to Apply Honey:

Honey can be applied directly to your skin. Make it sure that you apply a thin layer of it as it does not dry, if you apply a thick layer then It will drip all over your neck. First, make it sure that you are not allergic to it by applying its small amount on your skin and leave it for some time and rinse. If you do not face any irritation or itching then it is ok to proceed and apply it all over your face and neck. Leave it on your face for nearly 30-35 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water or wipe it with damp cotton. Don’t rub your face; you might irritate your acne. Be gentle.


Important Note:
Honey can clear your skin from Acne only when your acne is due to some bacterial problems or so. In case your acne is a result of hormones or any other cause, then it may not do much. However, it helps to soothe your existing acne and heal your irritated skin. Application of honey could help in improving your complexion and makes your skin glow, but it will not cause your acne to disappear and not return. 
In case you are having a severe acne issue and not able to cope up with it then I suggest its better to visit and consult a dermatologist.
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