Hey all you people, today I am going to share with you the perfect way to loose abdomen fat with 5 most effective and useful workouts for beginners. First of all loosing tummy fat is easy and no supplements are required for it, here I am telling you the routine, follow it and share with us the results, I am sure they will be satisfactory.

Firstly you should start your routine with some running\jogging. Start with a km or two (havent included it in the workout, its just warm up.!) and then gradually increase. This is the feel good factor of the exercise and moreover it will free your body for all the motions required and loosen you up for the main course!


First in the menu is abs crunches! For the absolute beginners start with 100 crunches for day 1,2 3 and the gradually increase the reps. If you have done them in the past you can also start with 200. This is one of the most effective and widely suggested workout with guaranteed results. It focus on upper abdomen or in other words on upper four abs.

  • First day ? 25*4 ( 25 reps in 4 sets )
  • Second day ?
  • Third day -?

From fourth day you can increase the reps and sets according to your abilitiesCrunch


Second in the line is knee bend. In this exercise you need to bend your knees and bring it to a verticle position bending, like in the picture shown below. Then straighten the legs in line with the body at a 180 degree angle. Both the legs and the body forming a straight line and then repeat.lower-ab-exercises-for-women-392

This in an exercise of the lower abdomen which is the most difficult part of the lot. This might take some more efforts but dont worry you will succeed.

  • Day 1 ? 12*3 ( 12 reps and 4 sets )
  • Day 2 ?
  • Day 3 ?

Repeat the same for three days and then gradually increase as you get accustomed.


The next exercise focusses on the lower and the middle abdomen. Again a little difficult for starters but once you start, it gradually gives you a pump in the abdomen which is amazing, ask me one of my favourite.! Just lay your body and legs in a 180 degree position like in step 1 of the image, then raise your legs ?vertically up like in step 2, then gradually, slowly bring them down . feel the pain….!

  • Day 1 ? 12*4
  • Day 2 ?
  • Day 3 ? flat bench lying leg raiseSame as the other two gradually increase after day three. All the above exercises can be done on flat and incline benches. I would suggest starting with a flat bench and then in the 3-4 week shifting to inclined benches as these are much more effective and difficult on incline benches.


Want to get rid of the bulbous sides? This is the starting point. Start with left followed by the leg raise for the right. For thus you need to lay sideways and raise one leg while the other being stationary. Repeat for both the sides

  • Day 1- 12*4
  • Day2 ?
  • Day 3- side-lying-leg-raise456wy050510_514313de9606ee19fd59c24a

Follow this for the whole week and then increase.


Well this is a really effective exercise and again one of my favorites. For this you just need a dumbbell, for girls a 2-3 kg dumbbell would be perfect. Alternate for each side. Holding dumbbell in one hand and keeping the other hand folded on the head. Just like saluting from one hand! Or you can simply bend like the girl in the pic. The former is suggested though.Side-Dips-Exercise

  • Day 1 ? 12*3
  • Day 2 ? 12*3
  • Day 3 ? 12 *4

One can gradually increase it to six sets after week no. 2.

*these exercises can also be done in combos which I will share later.

Well that will be it for this one. Note this is just for the beginners and I will again follow it up with the next months routine. You can easily change your body shape, tone it up with these effective and easy to do exercises. Will catch up with the next routine and also with the diet chart to be followed. As abs are made more in the kitchen than in the gym. Do share if you find it useful. Till then keep exercising. Be fit, eat well and run harder, and remember NO PAIN NO GAIN..!

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Five Best Exercises To Loose Abdomen Fat Instantly(Beginners Guide)

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