When trying to choose swimwear online, you will be confronted with several sizes. And it is quite disconcerting if it is the first time you have tried it. When you are buying at a retail shop, you do not really care about terms like  “plus-size” or “full-figure” since you can try them out inside the fitting room.   

It is a lot different when you buy full-figure swimwear in Australia online. Different manufacturers have their respective standards for what a plus size clothing is. But it applies to other sizes, as well, from the small, medium, large, and XL.

Then there are the different body types of women. Even plus-size models carry their bodies well. With some women, the torso, bust, or hips are not really proportional. They are pear-shaped, apple-shaped, inverted triangle, athletic, bottom or top hourglass, or rectangle. Each type needs swimwear that will accentuate their assets and minimise their flaws.   

What Size is Classified as Full-Figure?

In the modelling industry, a model is considered plus size if she is a size 14. Of course, size 14 is already considered three times bigger than the dress the average model would wear. In short, it has little bearing on reality.

In comparison, an average Australian woman would fit into a size 16 clothing. It is the reason why when you look at images of so-called plus-size models,  and you can only scratch your head in confusion. You think to yourself, “If they are plus size, what am I then?”


What most women probably are not aware of is that the standard clothing size in Australia is much smaller than their true size. For example, if you buy a dress that is size 8, in reality, it will fit a woman who is size 12 or 14. You should consider this when buying online. 

So, do not take the full-figure or plus sizes to heart as each one is unique even if they fit the description of a specific body type. 

Customised Size Check

For best results, it is recommended that you take your measurements around your bust, under your bust, your natural waistline, and the widest part of your hips. While the material used in swimwear is elastic, you won’t fit into clothing two sizes smaller than your actual size.

You only have to make sure that when you wear your swimwear, you meet the following conditions:

  • The bra band at the back is straight and horizontal
  • The top of your swimwear should fit you like your bra
  • The band of the bra should be firm but not stretched tight
  • Your breasts are not bulging on top of the cup nor do they peek from the sides
  • You can still put your fingers under the band

For the most part, however, when the swimwear fits, you have already won half the battle. Even if you order online a beachwear design that flatters your body shape, poorly fitting clothes would still not make you look good.

When buying full-figure swimwear in Australia, choose a website that takes time to improve the accuracy and reduce returns due to the wrong size. The size check will take into account your true measurements around the bust and under the bust. They will then recommend the best-fitting swimwear according to brand and model. The system is billed to have a 95% accuracy rate. 

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