Whether you are doing extreme sports or doing regular house chores, there is a chance of getting your eyes injured. More than 2.5 million reported eye injuries every year around the world, and 90% of these injuries can be prevented by protective eyewear.

One of the most recommended protective eyewear is Bolle safety glasses that are capable of protecting every individual’s eyes across all industries. Our sense of sight is essential as it helps us perform all of our tasks every day, and safety glasses are the best tool to protect it.

Below are the common eye injuries that can happen anytime for your awareness.

Eye Swelling 

This condition is the aftermath of a black eye. When an extreme force hits the area around your eye, it will swell along with the eye itself and normally changes colour because of bruising. If this happened, the best first aid is a pack of ice. 

Burns caused by chemicals 

Cleaning around your house with different chemicals can be very dangerous. You usually wear a facemask to keep your lungs safe from inhaling these toxic liquids, but what about your eyes? Depending on the chemical, once it hits your eye, you may feel a sting or burning sensation, but normally goes after a few minutes or hours. 

However, other chemicals are not that forgiving and may cause long term consequences. Chemical exposure is caused not only by splash; it could also be transferred when you accidentally touch your eyes with your hand that has chemicals on it. 

If your eyes become blurry or extremely red after being exposed to chemicals, it is best to go to the nearest emergency room immediately. Some chemical burns may lead to severe damages and even blindness if left untreated. 

Blunt trauma 

This is a typical sports-related eye injury. It happens when something hits the eye directly during a sports activity, such as baseball, basketball, racquet sports, and water sports. 

Punctured eye 

This type of injury happens when an object penetrates the eyes. Low-quality safety glasses may also cause this injury. This is not going to happen if you are wearing Bolle safety glasses.  

If a foreign object gets into your eyes, see a doctor right away to remove the object in your eye, and avoid further damage. 

Eye bleeding 

Between the eye’s clear covering and the sclera (the white part of your eye) runs a blood vessel, and blood will leak once it gets damaged. The injury usually is painless, and it can heal on its own within several weeks. 

It may also show red spots when small blood vessels in your sclera break, called subconjunctival hemorrhages. There are many causes of this injury, which include extreme coughing, sneezing, or vomiting. However, it may sometimes happen without any known cause. 

Eye scratches 

This eye injury is common in many workplaces, especially those done outdoors, such as construction sites or mining. If your eye was scratched and got an abrasion, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately. Scratches may expose your eye to infection from fungus or bacteria. Some types of fungi and bacteria can enter the eye through the abrasion, causing severe harm. 

If you have accidentally scratched your eye, do not rub it. Moreover, do not patch your eyes as bacteria thrive in dark, warm places, and patching your eyes could give an excellent environment for bacterial growth. See a doctor right away for first aid. 

All eye injuries should be treated as a possible emergency and never think twice about seeking medical attention. Whatever your work is or whatever you do, always protect your eyes by wearing protective eyewear.


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