Well, who said appearance does not matter? It indeed does matter a lot, especially when going for job interviews or for networking events. Your professional business attire should reflect your personality, credibility and competence without going overboard. 

What constitutes business casual can be a tricky question as the definition of business casual dress code varies depending on which part of the world you live in, your profession and the company or industry you work for. So striking the right balance between professional and casual styles is a challenging task. Business casual being the most confusing and mixed-signal dress codes can be overwhelming in the modern work environment. 


There are only a few brands who succeeded in deciphering what constitutes business casual for women. H&M is undoubtedly one such brand that has a clear understanding of what business casual means and especially H&M Blazer are specific examples of stylish nine-to-five looks. 

H&M Blazer are a perfect example of business casuals that perfectly fit into a semi-formal professional dress code that we typically find in modern office settings today. This trendy H&M Blazer denotes an office-appropriate, polished look that appears smart as well as relaxed and comfortable rather than overly formal. 


The key to professional business attire is well-fitting clothes and cleanliness, as well as staying away from inappropriate attire. A blazer, no matter how expensive will always look unprofessional if it is too tight or unironed. As long as your skirts hit at your knee, it is entirely acceptable, do not opt for mini skirts as they are best saved for the weekend. Avoid wearing plunging necklines and tight clothes as they are not suitable for the work environment. 

We need to understand that smart casuals are different from business casuals. So when planning the perfect business casual wardrobe, we need to think about a professional wardrobe but deconstructed. You can buy H&M Blazers online that are well-tailored blazers. They are effortless and fashion-forward pieces that always make you feel confident and look stylish. 


While selecting business casual attire for fall and winter, make sure that you opt for warm styles, thicker fabrics and long sleeves. Also, there is no denying that business casual in winters calls for layering. You can opt for a turtleneck top under your H&M blazer for that perfect 9-to-5 winter business casual look. A long coat and cropped pants will also perfectly complement your blazer, which will give you an effortlessly chic business casual look. Warmer months, on the contrary, requires you to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics like silk, cotton or linen etc. So you can’t opt for cotton or silk shirts or dressy tops under your blazer. 

Make sure you have the key wardrobe workpieces in your closet so that you can wear the right outfit for the job. Always dress according to your company’s dress code. Women business casual means wearing clothes that are neat, polished and with a professional appearance. Though casual attire for work is majorly on the conservative side, there are always possibilities to personalise your outfits with your sense of style while still maintaining an appropriate professional look. H&M blazers are a perfect fit when it comes to the vital wardrobe workpieces in your closet; they are super chic and effortlessly fits into a semi-formal or professional dress code.      


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