Procrastination is something that many of us have been facing and suffering. This tendency of shifting your work onto tomorrow is a very worrying and dangerous. We procrastinate and generally end up spoiling or rather even not doing the work all together. What we need to focus on is that the work must be done now else it won’t be done ever. All of us have faced this problem and then we say ‘oops another missed workout’. We have a tendency of saying this work is not important right now can we shift it to some other time. This habit then grows and we turn lethargic and get used to this happening again and again. What we need to learn is the power of getting started. Now some will think getting started means getting the work done, then what is the need of the steps, but no getting started is preparing your mind that this work is to be done anyway and if it is to be done, it should be done now. We need to make our mind so as to realize the work however small it is, is important. You also might have noticed when you do a work which you had been procrastinating, it hardly takes much time. It is then you realize that it wasn’t such a big deal and you should have finished it earlier. Some people are lethargic thus they procrastinate and some procrastinate and become lethargic. Today we will discuss some easy steps that you can follow and come over this habit of procrastinating.procrastination-steps-to-overcome

Step 1:

Here you need to change your state of mind. Your mind tends to complicate things and then you tend to become a procrastinator. What you need to do is to eliminate all the negative thoughts that come to your mind and focus on positives, this will enable you to start the task ahead of you. Don’t wait for anything, don’t give your mind the time to frame doubt about the work just go for it and get started and you will climb up the ladder.

Step 2:

Here you need to trick your mind– in this step you need to trick your mind and let it make the task a tiny one. Focus on not over estimating the task’s weight. This of it as tiny, this will give you the necessary motivation to work. And if the task is to big a task then divide it into pieces and focus on one item at a time.

Step 3:

Set yourself a target and prize- This is another self-motivation technique. Once you set a target for yourself after getting started, assign yourself with a prize if you achieve that. Say if you like partying assign yourself the prize of  visiting Goa the party capital of India. This will keep you motivated towards achieving the goal. Further when you set targets it is only then that you can know what went wrong and by how much. It like planning and controlling process in management.steps-to-overcome-procrastination

Step 4:

Public commitment- this is the difficult but the most necessary part. Whatever task you are up to, declare that publicly. When you do this you are committed not only to yourself for doing the task but also to the people around you. These people keep reminding you of your commitment and in testing times this is want keeps you sticking to the work you assigned to yourself. Now if your look at it from other perspective, with public announcement you have your close groups who keep you motivated. Some people are always with you to support you in doing the word. This step works for all your short and long term goals. Be it your career goals or the goal as small as going to the gym.

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