Tired of all the shaving, tweezing, waxing, nicks, rashes, and wasted time that comes from your hair removal routine?

Laser hair removal is proven to be one of the best options for long-term hair removal. It’s one of the most convenient, effective, and popular ways to get rid of unwanted hair. 

Ready to save time, money, and the hassle of hair removal? 

We know there are lots of advantages but how much does laser hair removal cost? Here is everything you need to know about it and the prices you can expect. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal uses a special laser that destroys each hair follicle, preventing it from growing new hair. 

Waxing pulls the hair follicle out from the root and shaving removes the tip of the hair follicle at skin level. Laser hair removal destroys the follicle so hair no longer grows from it. It’s an effective way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. 

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There is a reason why laser hair removal is such a popular procedure: it has a lot of benefits and very little downside. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal:

Saves Time

We spend hundreds of hours a year removing hair from our bodies—in the shower, bath, and at waxing appointments. With laser hair removal, you won’t waste any more time shaving, waxing, and managing unwanted hair! Once treatments are completed, you can say goodbye to those pesky hairs for life. 

Amazing Results

Laser hair removal eliminates those annoying ingrown hairs and the skin irritations caused by shaving. The result of the treatment is smooth, even, and enviable skin. 

Saves Money

The costs of shaving supplies, razors, creams, and waxing appointments really add up over time. While there are more upfront costs to laser removal, it will save you money in the long run.

No More Body Hair Hassles

Taking care of our body hair is time-consuming, annoying, and frustrating at times. Laser hair removal is the answer to that. No more growing out unsightly hair between appointments or embarrassing missed spots—the results will be life-changing!

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal is considered a lifelong beauty investment that eliminates the stress of maintaining an attractive, hair-free body. 

The upfront costs are more than shaving or waxing, but over the long run, it saves you money and time. Laser hair removal has an excellent cost-benefit, in addition to the personal satisfaction it provides. 

Many parts of your body can be treated with laser hair removal—check them out here. These are approximate laser hair removal prices: 

  • Full legs $300
  • Full arms $200
  • Full bikini area $175
  • Full face $150

The cost for men varies slightly:

  • Full chest and back $500
  • Full arms $350
  • Full legs $500
  • Full body $750

Remember that these costs are estimates. Laser hair removal is extremely effective, but sometimes requires follow-up appointments for touch-ups. 

Life-Changing Hair Removal

So, just how much does laser hair removal cost? After the upfront cost of the treatment, laser hair removal actually saves you time and money, and it saves you from a lifetime of body hair hassles!

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