Decorating your home with a mirror adds instant glamor to the space, maximizes your home’s sense of space, and increases natural light. Though if you want to create an illusion of extra space with the help of a mirror, then you need to know how to position them correctly and choose the right frame design and weight of the frame.

If we talk about functionality, a mirror is very useful in spreading natural light. Place mirrors in areas where natural light shines to reflect the light to more dimly lit areas of the room. Today, we will share 5 creative ideas to use mirrors in your home for stylish interior decor.

1. Use Mirrors Like Artwork

Decorate your walls with mirrors the way you decorate them with some artwork. Adding mirrors to the walls like artwork will add more than just reflection and light to the room; it is a low-cost way to add a focal point on a wall. Make it a point to use mirrors with bold design and architectural details.


2. To MaximizeMaximize Light, Place Mirrors Opposite Windows

Placing the mirror in the right position is the key to maximizing natural light in the room. The most clever trick is to position the mirror where the light naturally falls; this makes the room appear much brighter and larger. In addition, a carefully placed mirror brings natural light and greenery in.


3. For Impact, Install a Mirrored Wall

A big picture might overpower the room, particularly in a small room, but a big mirror without a bulky frame will do the opposite. Decorating a room with a large mirror will only make a room feel brighter and bigger. If you are looking for a dramatic impact, you can ask your interior designer to fit an entire mirrored wall that will visually double your room’s size. If there is little space on the wall, you can go for a floor-standing mirror to decorate the room.

4. Add a Mirror between Two Windows

Decorating a room with mirrors does not mean that we have to place a mirror in the most obvious places; they can look amazing even in more obscure spots too. And the best part about mirrors is that they come in all sizes and shapes. So placing a stunning vintage mirror between two windows will reflect the rest of the room scheme and give an illusion of a larger space.


5. Opt for a Mirror Design That Looks Like a Window

We need not always pick a mirror with a basic rectangular shape; we can be a little more creative and opt for a design with a more decorative appeal, like a mirror with a curved top that mimics a Victorian window pane. It will enhance the room, and the bigger the mirror, the more the light will reflect and bounce back, eventually making the room look bigger than it actually is.


Decorating a room with a mirror is an art, and you should treat the mirror-like you would treat a piece of art. So if you can position a mirror correctly to reflect beautiful architecture or a fantastic light fitting, you got it right.


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