Summer brings with it the opportunity to dress in comfortable clothes. But how does one manage to look trendy and be comfortable at the same time? What outfits to opt for so that one feels snug yet looks fashionable? We’ve got the answer. Here are some outfit inspo you can follow to acquire a comfortable fashion this summer. 

1. Sweatpants, joggers and track pants are bae

What better alternative to jeans than sweatpants and joggers. Try some types of track pants, they are breathable, loose and super comfortable, and plus they are in vogue too! They come in a wide range of variety to choose from. You can opt for wide-leg sweatpants, elastic cuff sweatpants, elastic, full length, cropped, ankle-length track pants, elastic joggers, drawstring sweatpants and many more. These joggers, sweatpants and track pants will make you feel pleasant throughout the day. Plus you can wear it anytime and for any occasion! 


2. Say hello to oversized t-shirts

Oversized tees are the most trendy outfit of all time. It is not only comfortable but also super easy to style and instantly looks fashionable. Investing in oversized graphic t-shirts would take your outfit game up a notch. Pairing an oversized t-shirt with a sweatpant or even biker shorts would make you a part of the comfortable fashion community. Add a pair of small neckpieces, a chained bag, a sunglass and sneakers and you’re all good to go! If you’re looking for an exceptional outfit, then pair a graphic tee with a printed or plain wrap-around skirt!


3. Shorts! Shorts! Shorts!

Outfits that cover your legs especially during the season of sweat are a no. This summer try all kinds of shorts! The denim ones, the printed ones, the gym ones or the biker ones. All kinds of shorts bring with it comfort and fashion which makes them a huge part of comfortable fashion. Styling a short is really easy just grab a matching t-shirt or a shirt for that matter and you’re done! Wearing sneakers would really bring out the best of the outfit. 

4. Tank tops are the new essentials.

When it comes to sleeveless t-shirts, we often find ourselves confused because let’s be honest not all sleeveless tops are comfortable. But tank tops are here to break that stereotype. Tank top goes with all kinds of bottom wear. You name it and see what an amazing outfit a tank top makes. The stretchy material makes them even more comfortable and long-lasting. They’re also easier to wash. They are so relevant and enjoyable that one can even wear them to the gym! They are also available in all sorts of colours. 


5. Summer Sandals!!

If you’re tired of perspiring feet and want to replace your everyday shoe with something as good as it, then summer sandals are your answer. Sandals, slippers, flip flops, sliders, and flats are a few footwear that can replace your shoes during summer. They go with all outfits and come in different varieties and kinds. Types of sandals you can go through to pick the perfect kind for you.  



6. Midi-dress for the princess in you 

The speciality about this outfit is that it can be of any neckline, be it a boat neck or a sweetheart one, and sleeve length, be it long or short, off shoulder or tube. These dresses offer a lot of different patterns and prints to choose from. Patterns like checkers, plaid, paisley,  houndstooth or herringbone and prints like polka dots, animal prints, floral prints and many more. If you’re not into prints and patterns then no problem, these dresses look beautiful in vibrant colours too. 


This summer dress your best and at the same time say bye to excruciating fashion. Invest in these amazing fits and thank us later!


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