Workout has become an integral part of most people’s life these days, and so it is naturally important to feed our system the right and the purest supplement. With many products available in the market for workout routine, AS-IT-IS as a brand ensures correct follow-up of supplements in the body while you exercise to keep in shape. Let’s see how AS-IT-IS Nutrition BCAA 100% Pure Powder Pre/Post workout supplement (250 gms) worked on usage.



Directions to use- Mix 1 spoonful (5 g) with 250-300 ml of water, milk or juice. Stir until dissolved and consume.

*Before workout- keep a 30-45 minutes gap between consuming this and working out.

*After workout- Take it immediately after workout.


Branched Chain Amino Acids, BCAA is commonly used in fitness. These are supplements which help in building muscles and to increase metabolism rate. Perfect for workout routine, it can be consumed to maintain high level energy while minimizing the muscle soreness post exercise.


Boosting muscle growth and metabolism, the pure BCAA branched chain amino acids work its effect well. A balanced ratio of 2:1:1 of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine gives a noticeable result in power lifting, body building and cross fit workouts.


It has a sturdy zip lock package which can be carried while travelling too. It also contains a scoop to maintain the intake of the product.

Taste: A balanced taste for a muscle building product, one can use it without problems.



Workout routine for me sometimes is too tiring, and I feel drained out post workout. Consuming this pre/post workout supplement has remarkably lowered my exhaustion while increasing my stamina to be more proactive and focused during exercising.  I take my supplement pre workout, around 30-40 minutes prior with a glass of juice or milk. The ratio remains 5 grams to 250 ml of the chosen beverage. The best factor about the BCAA Powder by AS-IT-IS is that it is gluten free, sugar free and dairy free, which definitely adds a lot to building my muscles the appropriate way. BCAAs are known for its amazing muscle recovery and considerable reduction in fatigue, which for me has proven really successful as I feel my energy being sped up more during and post workout. Taking the BCAA supplement before exercise is as good as eating nutritional diet around 2-3 hours prior, so one can definitely compare how capable these are.



Anyone can use AS-IT-IS BCAA Pre/Post workout supplement powder, in their workout routine or if wanting to start one as it is a great stamina booster. Pregnant and lactating women should strictly avoid the intake of this. If you are allergic to any ingredients present in it, consume only after consulting an expert/doctor.  

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AS-IT-IS Nutrition BCAA 100% Pure Powder Pre/Post Workout Supplement Review & Pictures

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