Signs of hair breakage, hair thinning, or simply a rough hair texture may be more than just a bad hair day. Human body ages and so does our hair, in fact much earlier than the face, the phenomenon of which is called hair aging and eventually ending in hair fall. With age the scalp reduces in the density of the hair, and the shaft also thins down and becomes frizzier. A focused hair care is essential for a long-term hair health, as well as retaining its appeal in a natural manner. Years of figuring out the hair issue and days of picking the right hair product, the struggle is a real one. But why not end this with ample shine since curable remedies are plenty without any hint of harsh chemicals damaging the scalp and the hair follicles.

Little care goes a long way to bring out the tresses in the limelight and requires a hassle-free cure for the hair to breathe life again.




Hair fall has a lot to do with dullness in hair and lack of natural oil on the scalp. Hot water is known to rip off moisture from hair quicker than any other source. The natural oil production becomes weak and causes hair to pre age from the roots, leaving more space for frizz.


In the attempt to fuse in more life and luster to hair, we end up booking appointments at the salon for some chemical pampering. This shouts damage and permanent aging for hair since there is no natural goodness and only chemicals seeping in to roots and hair shafts making it break on every brushing.


Aloevera, essential oils like lavender, hibiscus, argan are some never failing goodness which boosts the hair alive. What saves aging hair from going dead are these wondrous ingredients along with a timely care. Channeling energy into hair is more or less the need of the hour, and products in the market have to be chosen wisely.




Some of the most actively working elements to vitalize and redefine a healthier hair can be found in Mitchell Fair and White’s Day and Night Tonic. Mitchell Anti Ageing is Tonic which treats the scalp by night and the shaft by day combats hair fall and frizziness of the scalp. This water based tonic arrests hair fall within 7 days with the wonder Lotus seed extracts and the silky finish of the hair shaft helps to reduce frizziness and makes the hair silky and tangle freeFrom roots to the surface, managing your beloved tresses will see nourishment every day. Why? Because what goes in this hair tonic is greaseless, light and more like a hair savor each day. Sacred lotus seed extract is as exotic in its results as it sounds, working example of rich anti oxidants and skin conditioning perfect for durable hair hydration. It’s sufficient usage also enhances hair elasticity, a natural  match for hair care.


City life is about pollution, exposure to UV rays and lots of tackle with moisture running out of our hair that’s the path towards hair aging without any sun protection. But tonics like Mitchell Fair and White’s Day Hair serum carries essentials that sustain hair and scalp life in the long run, just spread it liberally on hair length like a serum and you’re good to go. Since the formulation is non-sticky, you’ll be comfortable to accept it as a daily hair serum and no guilt of product pile up.

What’s good with day tonics is that they’re working on an active mode to prevent the daily hair abuse and help it prevent the incoming harm like pollution, sun and so on.

But damage continues even while sleeping…

Damage won’t stop its work, and after giving it the days tonic, night tonics are especially made to fight back and make the hair strong and revive it. The ingredients are rich with scraping off hair’s aging drawback by infusing such  Hair nutrients.

Elements like Calendula, Grape extract and pea sprout work through the night to stop and slow down hair aging. Using Mitchell Fair and White’s hair tonic can well be an effective idea to rejuvenate follicles and regain the hair glow. Trusted brands like Mitchell USA offer hair products to beautify the look from inside and outside. All you have to do is massage the tonic onto your scalp and let it work the night.

Home remedies have a limit, and so does every other hair product but with hair tonics, the usage is limitless. The properties to fix the anti-aging factor blooms in the right sense with Argan care and Babassu, sufficiently reducing hair fall and the ever growing issue of frizz. Who said medicines can’t be a haircare product?

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