“Be good to your skin. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

 A person can certainly speak a thousand words on skin care, but what he/she essentially does and provides to the skin on a daily basis is more essential than words. Rather than the usual rubbing of your strawberry facewash or chemically composed toner to make your skin radiant, we have paths for you to walk in to achieve natural and radiant skin. 


What is Rice Bran?

Rice bran is the husk or outer layer of rice. Being the outermost layer of the cereal, it has essential emollients which prove to be useful for skin and overall health. Rice bran is different from oat bran or wheat bran. It works like a miracle for common and chronic diseases right from skin disorders to diabetes. It is often overlooked and the health benefits it grants are missed! Now, what is it that makes rice bran so salubrious? Let’s explore.


Composition of Rice Bran

It is full of antioxidants that are paramount to human health. A fraction of it is composed of 12%-13% oil and has highly unspecifiable components. It also contains tocotrienols, beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, dietary fibers, ferulic acid and fatty acids. Apart from this, it also holds almost 100 known vitamins and minerals that make it an essence of health.


Rice Bran Oil 

It is a wonder oil extracted from rice bran. Rich in all the essential vitamins and emollients, this oil is salvation in the eastern part of the world. Utilized for not just cooking and dishwashing, rice bran oil benefits are unparalleled. This oil is highly used for natural skin care and has always been a companion to people from large parts of Asia to attain radiant glow and brighter skin tone.


The oil is known for its abilities to hydrate the skin profoundly with its brilliant combination of vitamin E and fatty acids. It has omega-6 fatty acids which makes it utopian for skincare. Another element in the oil called Oryzanol is a warrior of anti-aging. It is called the anti-aging secret of the women in Japan. Not just anti-aging, but it also gives you a firm and tighter look, reducing any chances of wrinkles to survive on your face. This beneficent oil from nature is rich in squalene, which gives collagen to your skin which results in a wrinkle-free skin. It is a blessing for those who want a slightly fair skin tone without the use of harsh chemicals and skin bleaching procedures (triggers cancer). Without the use of painful procedures and rough chemicals that prone your skin to more deterioration, rice bran oil helps in whitening the skin tone and also helps in soothing it. The active lycopene and beta-carotene provide a shield against dust and pollution which directly results in less dark spots and zero acne. It is also an anti-inflammatory and non-irritant.


Rice Bran in skin care products


There is a storm of products out there that claims to whiten your natural skin, but not naturally. The cosmetic world is tricky, and that is exactly why you need premium cosmetics that have a foundation to evolve your skin into a radiant one naturally. That is where rice bran steps in. Its potent antioxidants and enzymes fight off free radicals responsible for deteriorating our body cells. The introduction of rice bran oil for beauty and skin care is not new. It was used as a base for soaps and creams by the Japanese for centuries. In Southeast Asia, calling a woman a ‘rice bran beauty’ is a huge compliment.


Natural skin care is a piece of cake for rice bran oil. It is used as foundational oil in special moisturizers. It works miraculously by getting deep beneath skin pores and hydrating it. It’s just another race of cosmetic brands to provide skin care but without natural solutions. Though there isn’t a myriad of rice bran beauty products, the available ones in the market use a mix of other ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, calendula, glutathione, coconut oil and various substances. This mosh of natural ingredients and chemicals make the active nutrients less effective. Precisely why products featuring one hero formula works! The magic formula of products featuring rice bran formulas helps you sail to achieve white and light skin tone.


ALMA RYSE for your beauty!


Alma Ryse is India’s first premium brand of rice bran featured skin care products. It is no doubt that using rice bran oil is not novel to the country, but a whole line of premium cosmetics based on it? Well, that’s new! Alma Ryse launches best rice bran beauty products for skin care with its unique formula of natural skin care developed using Korean R&D. Using formulas that could prove penultimate to nourish your skin; we are at the front of developing Indian beauty naturally with our range of naturally developed rice bran products. Based on rice bran extract, we are launching premium Ryse Face wash, Nutri cream, BB cream, and Sun cream developed using rice bran. We churn out the benefits of rice bran along with fruit & blossom extracts and use it to produce the best anti-aging skin care products in the market. These products are carefully composed to suit all Indian skin types and are incredibly benign on the skin.


Today, buying natural beauty products can be an easy and challenging task at the same time. It’s a war out there to avail premium and natural products, and there it becomes tricky to choose the best products for you. We make your journey a fruitful one! Buy premium Alma Ryse beauty products online made with the power of rice bran which whitens and brightens your skin naturally.  Of course, we don’t pursue the concept of being white, but hey, how about retaining the natural complexion that has deteriorated in the run for life? Sounds like a fair deal! Be the Rice bran beauty that you want to be!


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