A perfect interior gives way to a healthy and lively mood to any home. For me, minimalistic patterns and designs top the chart with some interesting blend of bright and light colors to make the décor worth eye candy. At the same time, it is essential to have a sense of the right mix and match of décor pieces and where to place them, because not every piece suits every area of our homes. Be it a large mansion, a typical urban apartment or rented studio space, home decor online ideas are in abundance in distinct sizes and shapes. So from your doors, walls and windows to soothing corners and rooms, we bring you some handy ideas to invest in and decorate to your heart’s content.


Start with walls; because they speak creativity better than any other furnishing. Add a couple of structured racks, aesthetic mural paintings and a photo frame gallery to channel a personal vibe to your living or bedroom space. What stands out for me is either a large scale art frame or a picture gallery contoured with vivid lights to amplify the ambience. Imagine entering a house with a glimmer of lights and smiles in the pictures welcoming your abode, simple yet fancy.

Deal with elegant lights; light décor is always a brilliant source of animating home without occupying visibly much space. Sconces make for a great option since they are crafted to be fixed on walls, not requiring any side table or floor to furnish. Sconces can be installed facing up or down and are available in swing-arm type too. Placement is important here and you have to decide the light distribution which can make your room look spacious or even comfy and grounded.


Background to Couch ratio; white walls, white couch and white cushions? That’s a big no! While minimalism soothes the mood, one has to be careful of the color coordination to beautify the living room. One color for the wall and the couch should be avoided, instead one should go for a pastel colored wall and a tone lighter sofa and contrast cushions to up the décor game.

DIY helps to keep it personal; because you have the power to make or break it, right? Grab some peppy stationery, scissors, glue and tape to create frames, dream catchers, door signs and more. Tutorials are always available online, all you have to have is some free time and a knack for crafting things for your room. If you have a glass bottle emptied after having a milkshake, clean it well and partner it with a green plant to greenify your dining space.

Use your collection; especially when you can’t spend on newer showpieces. For instance, present your jewelry storage box or footwear collection in a neat, see-through cabinet that requires lesser space while accommodating the fancy jewelry or shoes you’d love to exhibit. The choice and the compliments here are all yours. You might have a hat/cap collection, chest/box assortment to display wherever you want.


The thing with home décor is you don’t have to approach the most expensive item from the list. Sure, quality can be found at better prices at one of our favourite online destinations Aoin but first and foremost, be smart with picking up items in variety, full of décor boosting colors and patterns. DIY tips always help, while placement and sizes make your home speak fluent interior language. Start smart, end up impressive.

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