We all know how popular hair extensions are this year and this does not look like changing in the near future, and if you are using hair extensions at the moment, you might be concerned about how they will affect your hairstyles. Here is a list of popular hairstyles that are perfectly suited to human hair extensions.


  • The Beach Wave – This attractive hairstyle is perfect for your human hair extensions, all you do is wrap the extensions around curling tongs for a minute or two. The more irregular the curls, the more it will look like you have just come from the beach. 
  • The Low Pony Tail – The easiest of all styles, a low pony-tail is easily created by gathering up your extensions and tying them back, and whether you prefer a tight or loose look, your hair extensions will be fine in a low pony tail do. This style is ideal for Remy full head hair extensions that you can buy from the UK’s leading hair extensions provider.
  • Single Braid – This is another firm favourite, while a double pleat would likely reveal the extensions, which is far from ideal. Whether a loose or tight style, a single braid will not harm your extensions in any way, and this is a great way to casually keep your hair.
  • Top Knots – Top knot styles are a firm favourite with girls who have hair extensions, as there’s nothing easier than creating a large knot on the top of your head, and this will be fine with extensions. You can do this with giant hair pins as well, which is ideal for doing the housework or even a little gardening. For more great styles that can be achieved with hair extensions, a quick Google search should lead you to articles that give you a few tips.
  • The High Bun – An easy style that can be achieved with hair extensions, you simply wrap the hair in a single bunch, then wrap that around the top of your head. You can secure the bun using regular hairbands, then pull out bits here and there for a really tousled look, which looks great as a casual style that keeps most of your hair out of the way. This is the right style for lounging around at home, as it takes only a couple of minutes to create, and when tied correctly, the bun won’t come apart.
  • The Half-Up Style – Another up-style that is very easy to achieve with Cliphair clip on hair extensions, simply take the top section of your hair and pull it up, making sure to leave a layer to cover your extensions. You can either braid the hair or leave it as it is, whichever you prefer. A couple of hair ties will keep your hair in place.

When looking at hair extensions, Remy human hair is by far the best choice, and with a leading UK online supplier, you can choose the right shade and length of your extensions. Ask your regular stylist, who would certainly be able to make a few style suggestions that are possible with human hair extensions.

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Hair Extensions: Great Hairstyles You Can Achieve

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