It’s raining, more like pouring, backless dresses, halter neck tops, cutout blouses and so much more. While 2018 has been all about showing that sexy back and toned arms, it’s also been about transparent strap bras. How else did you expect your favorite B – town divas to step out flaunting their sexy backs and sexier dresses? The not so inside secret to this famous question is undoubtedly the transparent back bra.

While we love our silicon stick ons, we know truly in our hearts and our minds, that these silicon stick ons can’t really beat the clear back straps bra when it comes to providing unbeatable support and also comfort to our breasts. From providing seamless support to ensuring your deep back and backless dresses or blouses don’t lose their charm, these transparent strap bras are simply magically versatile, and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Would you? With a plethora of  the availability of transparent bra online, it only makes sense that we use these genius sartorial wonder to a T, and make the most out of it while donning them under our favorite clothes.

Wondering how to style your new favorite go-to transparent bra? It’s actually a lot simpler than you thought! Make way for these transparent bras whose sole aim is to ensure that you get to wear all your cutout and backless envy inducing outfits without giving it a second thought.

Ladies, follow suit!


There’s Nothing Holding You Back

As Shawn Mendez has already said it, “there’s nothing holding you back”. With these transparent back bras here to your rescue, there is literally nothing in the world that holds you back from sliding into your deep back blouses. Backless saree blouses or cutout anarkalis, these clear back strap bras are definitely for a win, no matter what the occasion or what the dress is. Don them underneath your indo -fusion cocktail gown or your off shoulder lehenga blouses; these transparent bras can make every girl’s and every to- be- bride’s bridal sartorial journey from the start to the finish a mere walk in the park.


“Tank” Me Later

If you thought these clear back strap bras were only helpful under all your Indian attires, scratch that thought. Transparent bras are your best friend whether you plan to do something western, Indian or fusion. Planning a beach vacay? Got your suitcases filled with your favorite tanks and cutout back spaghettis? Time to make space for these transparent bras, as well. Consider these clear back strap bras as your best friend on your next exotic beach trip or a weekend getaway with your girls.

Go Invisible

2018 has been all about sheer. Sheer dresses, sheer top, sheer pretty much everything under the sun. Along with these sheer back tops one can only assume you need a sheer genius bra to go with. Make way for these transparent bras in  clear back strap bra  style that are not visible to the naked eye underneath all your sheer and crochet back tops. The perfect illusion of no – bra underneath even while your girls are very well supported and uplifted.


Keeping ‘em OFF

Available in strapless designs, these transparent bras make the most beautiful addition to your lingerie closet when you want to wear all things off the shoulder. Be it ensuring it holds your breasts in place, to making it look rounder, and allowing you to flaunt your sexy back without a doubt of hesitation, these clear back strap bras are simply genius.

With online shopping becoming the best gift to mankind, buying  transparent bra online is easier than you thought. All you need to know is your correct bra size to make your transparent bra online shopping so much stress free and fuss free. So, what exactly is it that you are waiting for? Invest in these must – have transparent bras to make your off – the- shoulder journey so much more worthwhile.


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