Organizing and efficiently packing the Christmas decorations can be an overwhelming task for most of us. Every year we unpack the decoration storage to find a mess of decoration items and broken Christmas bulbs and ornaments. If you are planning to use the public storage companies, the delicate decorations and utensils need extra care and the lights, tinsel, and garland need to be packed without causing any tangles. You need a strategy to tackle this mess and pack your Christmas decorations in a better way to avoid the same situation in the next holiday season. In this article, we will guide you on how to organize and pack your Christmas decorations.

After an exhausting holiday celebration, packing up your Christmas decorations can be a hectic task. We have curated a list of things to keep in mind while packing your favourite decorations for public storage spaces. 

Tips to store Christmas lights

To avoid tangles and knots, wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of plastic or cardboard. You can also purchase some inexpensive storage rollers or use an empty wrapping paper roll. Before storing the lights, make sure they are working perfectly because there is no sense in wasting space on faulty lights. 

How to store a Christmas tree?

Storing the Christmas tree without damaging it can be a tough job, follow the below tips to avoid possible damages to the expensive decoration tree.

  •     You can use the same tree box in which you received the Christmas tree. If it is a simple cardboard box, add an extra layer of protection using plastic wrap or a tree bag.
  •     If the Christmas tree can be dissembled, separate the parts and keep them in a plastic tote.
  •     Make use of your wardrobe box or sports utility box to store the Christmas tree if you don’t have its original box.

Storing the tree ornaments and decorations

Christmas tree ornaments and decorations are the most fragile items on this list. You need to take extra care and proper planning is required to store them. The ornaments and decorations come in different sizes and shapes. Get a lot of cardboard boxes to pack them separately. Keep the below key points in mind while packing the Christmas ornaments and decorations.

  •     Separate each type of decoration in different boxes and label them for better organization. Labelling will also help you to find them easily in the next season.
  •     Use a piece of tissue paper and fold your small ornaments in them before boxing it up.
  •     Hang the large decoration items like holiday lawn stakes. Use a protective plastic layer for this type of decoration.
  •     Use in-box dividers to keep the ornaments at a safe distance from each other.

 Christmas decorations are fragile and keeping them in the public storage spaces needs extra care and planning. You can follow the above steps to ensure your favourite and valuable decorations will stay safe in the storage space and you can peacefully unpack them during the next holiday season.


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