Taking care of a newborn baby is certainly a very big challenge as they are so delicate and have very soft and sensitive skin. That is the reason why we need to choose all the baby care products with utmost care. The very first thing which we need to keep in mind while selecting baby products is that they are gentle on the baby’s skin and free from harmful chemicals. Baby wipes are a must-have for any new mom as a baby needs a diaper change at least 6-7 times a day. This makes choosing the right baby wipes very important so that you can clean your baby’s soft and delicate skin without causing skin allergy or rashes. It is a general belief that baby wipes are used to clean a baby’s bottom only but with the brands like Mother Sparsh bringing improvements in the quality of baby wipes, they can now be used to clean a baby’s hands, face, sweating, minor spills etc.

So first and foremost let us check out the factors that need to be considered before buying Baby Wipes:

  1. Ingredients used to make the Baby Wipes: It is best if the baby wipes are made from natural non-toxic ingredients and are fragrance-free. Some of the ingredients which are ideal are Water, Aloe vera, Glycerol, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil etc. 
  2. The thickness of Baby Wipes: Thick wipes are always better as compared to thin wipes because thick wipes are durable and give better performance and results.
  3. The fabric of the Baby wipes: We should always opt for wipes made of natural fabric instead of synthetic ones.
  4. The moisture content of the Baby Wipes: The right content of moisture is very important because if the wipes are too wet they would dribble and if they are too dry they would not work effectively.
  5. The texture of the Baby Wipes: The right texture of the baby wipes is very important to make sure that it cleans the baby’s skin effectively and efficiently.
  6. Packaging of the Baby Wipes: Good packaging is very important so that you can use the wipes effortlessly and good packaging also make them travel friendly.
  7. Soap-free wipes: Soap-free wipes are the most desirable.
  8. Dermatologically tested wipes: Make sure the wipes are dermatologically tested. 

To make your task of choosing the best Baby Wipes, even more, simpler we have listed Top 5 Best and Safe Baby Wipes In India below:

  1. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes:

Mother Sparsh baby wipes are surely India’s No. 1 Baby wipes. They are suitable especially for babies with normal to sensitive skin. These baby wipes are #UnscentedWaterWipes with super soft fabric that is three times thicker than other usual baby wipes. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are made from Plant-Based #MedicalGradeCloth and water which makes these baby wipes gentle to the most sensitive part of the body. These wipes are 100% skin-friendly, biodegradable, dermatologically tested and clinically examined for rashes and infections. 




Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are completely safe for newborn babies as these wipes thoroughly clean their hands from dirt without exposing them to harmful chemicals. The water-based formula of these baby wipes with cottony soft fabric provides a gentle touch to the baby’s skin as of cotton & water. These wipes come with moisture lock lid packaging and have thick natural sheets for complete comfortable cleaning in one go. Also, the packaging is very compact which makes these wipes travel friendly and easy to use. The resealable sticker and protective plastic lid lock the moisture of the wipes for a longer period of time. These baby wipes are totally alcohol-free and contain natural extracts of aloe vera and lemon. These wipes can also be used to clean your baby’s hand, face and body as they are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and made from pure water. So overall your little one will get all-around protection with these multi-purpose wipes. 

Price: INR 299 for 72 wipes

2. Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes:

Huggies Baby wipes are completely alcohol and soap-free and contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The soft and thick fibre of these wipes provides gentle cleansing which soothes the baby’s skin. These can also be used to clean baby’s hands, face and body as it contains Vitamin E that nourishes the skin.


Price: INR 220 for 72 wipes

3. Himalaya Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes:

The key ingredients in Himalaya Herbal Gentle wipes are aloe vera and Indian lotus which helps in keeping your baby’s skin soft and moisturised. These are just perfect to clean up your baby’s bottom as well as other body parts. These baby wipes are free from Parabens, sulfates or silicones. Made using Ayurveda, these wipes are clinically tested and totally safe for your baby’s soft skin. Himalaya baby wipes are very much effective in preventing any kind of skin infection and soothes your baby’s gentle and soft skin.


Price: INR 175 for 72 wipes

4. Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes:

Pampers fresh clean baby wipes are hypoallergenic and have quality texture to effectively clean your baby’s delicate and soft skin. These baby wipes come with protective cover packaging to ensure the best moisture lock. But the only drawback with these baby wipes is that they are scented. 

Price: INR 185 for 64 wipes

5. Johnson’s Baby Wipes:

Johnson’s Baby Wipes are the first baby wipes in India to pass 5 safety levels so it surely preserves your newborn’s skin from infections and rashes. Its fibres are permeable that cures rashes and redness. These wipes provide 3 times moisture to your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin as their ingredients are just perfect for your baby’s soft skin. These are dermatologically tested and approved. So overall these wipes are ideal for removing irritation, redness and rashes. 

Price: INR 220 for 80 wipes

So to conclude, baby wipes are a must-have in your baby’s diaper bag as they can be used to clean your baby’s bottom as well as their skin. All the above options are great but I would personally recommend baby wipes with soft fabric, no fragrance and good water content. So as far as my opinion is concerned, Mother Sparsh 99% Pure baby wipes are a  clear winner here though you can choose according to your needs and preferences.   


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Top 5 Best, Safe and Gentle Baby Wipes In India

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