If you are looking to buy some new kitchenware or even willing to revamp your entire kitchen, Amazon has got you covered by bringing to you some very exciting deals on kitchenware. All these products are available under INR 499. There are huge discounts that you can avail on a majority of these products, with the discount range starting from 5% off and going up to a massive discount of 91% off. There is a wide variety of products that you can choose from under this offer. Some of the products are available at special prices for a limited period of time through additional discounts applicable over and above the already discounted prices. You can also avail Amazon Coupons for better deals.

The different brands which are participating in these deals are Pigeon, Kuber Industries, Ketsaal, Oddy, Ganesh, Jaypee Plus, Cello, Milton, Tosaa, Milestouch, Prestige, Nirlon, Borosil, Steelo, Wonderchef, Signoraware, Tupperware, Hawkins, along with 100 other brands. The different categories of products that you can find under this offer are bakeware, cookware, gas stoves, kitchen storage and containers, kitchen tools, and tableware. A lot of these products are eligible for Amazon Prime which means that they are eligible for the fastest possible delivery. You can pay for these products using a credit or debit card, through net banking, e-wallets or you can opt for cash on delivery. Amazon Prime members get the shipping for all the products free of cost and a nominal fee is charged to all the other customers. Free shipping is available on a total bill value of INR 500 and above.

Here are some of the best deals and offers that you can go for:

Offers on Bakeware

The different types of products that you will get under this category are parchment papers, cooking brushes, molds, icing bags, nozzles, cookie cutters, bowl sets, decorating stands, baking trays, piping bags, cupcake trays, mixing bowls, baking cups, baking sheets, stencils, and many more products. The discounts in these categories start at 9% off and go on up to 66% off. The price range for this category starts from INR 90.

Offers on Cookware

There are many useful and different varieties of products that you can find in this category. These products are appam Patras, flat tawa, cooker, non-stick sets, frying pans, cooker stands, saucepans, kadhai, toasters, grill pans, uttapam pans, tadka pans, chapati toast, deep-fry pans, coffee warmers, idli makers, milk pans, and a lot more options to choose from. The discounts for these products start from 6% off and go on up to 69% off. The price range for this category starts from INR 180.

Offers on Kitchen Storage and Containers

A wide range of products under this category like water bottles, lunch boxes, net bags, container sets, fridge storage racks, water dispenser stands, jars, glass and spoon organizers, dustbins, spice racks, refrigerator storage racks, spice dispensers, storage trolleys, sprout makers, and many other types of products are available on Amazon. The discounts range from 7% off to 76% off. The price range for this category starts at INR 100 which seems amazing.

Offers on Kitchen Tools

The products that you can find under this category include choppers, bowl strainers, parchment papers, vegetable dicers, juicers, measuring spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, cooking brushes, baking decorating sets, coconut scrapers, dough-makers, cookie cutters, lighters, filters, mashers, along with a variety of different products. The discounts under this category range from 10% off and go on up to as much as 91% off. The minimum price range on these products starts from INR 72.

Offers on Tableware

There are many varieties of products available under this category like refrigerator drawer sets, coffee mugs, glass sets, casseroles, table covers, bowl sets, cutlery stands, napkin boxes, plate sets, and many others. The discounts range from 5% off and go on up to 82% off. The price range starts from INR 115 which changes as per the size and brand of the product.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing chance to avail all the kitchen essentials at the cheapest price.

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