Are you searching for a new house in Melbourne? Australia recently ranked among the top countries evaluated for house price increases at 6.1%, according to Urban Developer. The option of display homes offering slightly “used” units might seem like a big drawback. However, builders use them to showcase their best work, so the houses are typically well-kept. There are also some other key benefits:

Top-notch Fittings and Fixtures

Builders use a display home to show off their premium fixtures and fittings. In some cases, this allows buyers to afford the perks even though they were too high on regular models. Besides that, the house is also well-maintained so visitors can view a clean and tidy residence.

Well-maintained during Display Period

Maintenance often continues throughout the whole display period. Builders want to showcase their best work, and the display home is one of the best ways to do that. It can help maintain the home’s initial value. According to The Daily Telegraph, it is essential since people spend an average of nine months searching for a new home,

Since the units are typically built with higher-than-average standards, it helps protect your investment and provides a clean and tidy unit into which you can move. Even if several people have walked through the house, a real estate agency will want to ensure they view a unit in tip-top condition, including minimum dust, dirt, and so on.

Major Savings Versus Standard Units 

This point needs a discussion about various factors. The home is labelled as slightly used or unused when some potential buyers of a subdivision’s units have walked through it. This fact causes the home’s value to depreciate somewhat even though the home has yet to be occupied.

Another factor is builders often want to sell a display model quickly to reinvest the money in other homes, land, and projects. Lower prices can help achieve that goal, and it benefits potential homebuyers as well.

The cost of buying the display unit can also be cheaper than building homes on vacant land. Besides the cost, you can also avoid the hassles of that process. It involves issues like titles, permits, and regulations, which a builder has already secured.

Leaseback Rental Return

In some cases, if you buy a display unit, you can rent it back to the builder if you have no plans to move into the house soon. A leaseback rental benefits both parties since you get a discounted home while the builder can still showcase their units until the construction project is done.

Discounted Display Furniture 

You also might be able to buy the display furniture. This situation can save you even more money since the cost of furnishing homes tends to be relatively high. It is based on various factors, including the house’s total floor space.

Location among Other Quality Homes

In many situations, one display home is surrounded by other units that have the same function. This can help boost your home’s value since other homes have the same premium fittings and fixtures.

This will not lower the area’s property value. That would be the case if the display house was only surrounded by standard units.

Wise Long-term Investment 

Buying a new house or apartment is always an investment due to the high cost. However, if you purchase a display home, your Return on Investment (ROI) will generally be higher. For example, you can get above-average rental returns, which can help to pay off your mortgage faster.

A related issue is that you can claim depreciation for the new house if it had been used to show the builder’s units. When combined with the other money-saving benefits, it can significantly lower your total cost.

If you are surveying the market for a new house, display homes might be the best option. You can get a higher-value, well-maintained, and lower-priced unit than regular models. This makes such homes worth considering before standard units.


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