Hey Girls! With winters round the corner, boots are already in vogue. From Bollywood beauties to international models, boots have already hit the fashion circuit and they have made their way to every shoe closet. To give yourself a classic or edgy look team up your ensemble with this fully-covered footwear.
Boots are a must-have, be it ankle-length or knee-high, leather or suede. You can pair it up with shorts or wear over denim to make a style statement. But remember that thigh-high boots are still a big no-no.
Ankle-length boots go well with pants and shorts while heeled ones look good with minis. Tucking your skinny jeans or leggings inside the boots gives a very classic look. It is very important to be very careful while choosing the size of boots as they should be fitted but not too tight. Ideally, there should be half an inch breathing gap between your leg and boot.
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Boost Your Style With Boots

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