Nowadays, more seniors choose to age independently at home. They would rather stay at their residence or a retirement village instead of going to a nursing facility. But when people get older, their body no longer functions like it used to. The usual activities can turn into a chore, especially if the body aches all the time. Even the task of going up the stairs can be difficult for people aged 65 and above. Yet if they live in a multi-storey property, they have no choice but to take the stairs all the time. Since they usually live without their children or younger people at home, mobility aids like stairlifts can make their life a lot easier.

Stairlifts can help ageing seniors and those with mobility problems to reach the top of the stairs with ease. It can also help them avoid falling or slipping each time they struggle to go up to the upper portions of the home. But some seniors have no idea what stairlifts can do for them. Here is vital information that they need to know if they are interested in having this mobility tool in their property.

Who Needs Stairlifts?

The majority of people have the perception that stairlifts are only useful for people in wheelchairs. But even the seniors who are not wheelchair-bound can use this tool as part of their everyday life. It is the ideal equipment for anyone with visual impairment, mobile concerns, or any ageing-related conditions.

Even the seniors who can move independently or with little assistance can benefit from using a stairlift in their home. According to surveys, one in 3 people aged 65 and above fall in Australia. It is also one of the major causes why those who belong in this demographic were admitted to the hospital. If they use a stairlift, they can reduce the risk of falling significantly.

Will Stairlifts Damage The House?

Some seniors are adamant about getting a stairlift because they are concerned about the possible damages that it can cause to the integrity of the structure of their home. They are worried that it can have a negative impact on their property’s resale value in case they plan to sell the house in the future.

But all stairlift suppliers can guarantee that the system used in this equipment does not have to be attached to the wall. It only needs to lean on the steps, which can support heavy pressure. It is recommended to hire professional stairlift installers who have experience in putting the equipment in place. They will also handle all the necessary construction papers like permits, security, and the likes.

What Are The Necessary Stairlift Safety Guidelines?

To allow the seniors to use their stairlifts safely, they must remember several important guidelines when using the equipment. It includes:

  • Use seatbelt – All stairlifts come with a seatbelt to protect the user from falling off. It should be properly attached while the mobility tool is in operation.
  • Dismount carefully – Since several seniors have balancing challenges, they need to make sure that the chair is no longer moving before they alight from it. They may also ask their stairlift supplier to install an extra railing for extended support.
  • Keep it locked – When the grandchildren visit, the seniors must make sure that the stairlift is secured. They might think that it is a fun ride, so keep them away from it all the time.
  • Store Properly – When not in use, the seniors must fold the stairlift chair properly. They need to look for stairlift models that come with foldable seat bottoms, footrests, and armrests.

Using stairlifts could provide plenty of benefits for every senior. As long as it is installed properly, they can have an assurance that they can go up and down the stairs safely and conveniently. If they need this mobility equipment in their house, they should contact reputable stairlift suppliers within their community.


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