New York City is one of the most visited cities in the world. In 2019 alone, the City That Never Sleeps played host to a little over 65 million people, with 50 million of those coming from within the United States.

That clearly shows the lure of the Big Apple is too hard to resist, even amongst Americans, with many folks having a “Visit to New York City” as one of the items on their bucket list.

As one of the most touristy cities on the planet, sampling what the Big Apple has to offer should be top of your to-do now that you’ve started your transformation into a New Yorker.

Now, after making the decision to put down roots here, and you have found trusted movers in NYC to help move you into your new apartment, you have a lot of exploring and plenty to do once you’re done settling in.

Here are some of the top to-do’s we would absolutely recommend.

Make your first stop at Times Square

Definitely the most frenetic part of NYC, a visit to the Times Square should be first on your to-do.

Once you grow into the city, you’ll probably avoid it like the plague. But for now, you need to experience the unique madness until you get your fix.

Watch a show on Broadway

Broadway is an NYC staple. While musical theater might not be your idea of fun, you haven’t done NYC until you’ve seen a Broadway show.

Opt for a long-running show – like Chicago, for example, or Wicked – or even snag some tickets for the super popular Hamilton.

Explore Central Park

A visit to Central Park will probably become a regular thing if you live close by.

Regardless, take some time to explore the world-famous park, an attraction that hosts multiple other attractions, from Central Park Zoo to the Shakespeare Garden.

Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes.

Head to Coney Island

You’re not a New Yorker until you’ve taken a ride on the Wonder Wheel of Coney Island.

Visit the illustrious beachside area and soak in the magnificent sights.

Walk to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge

Not only is the Brooklyn Bridge one of the hallmarks of New York City, but this is the most breathtaking bridge in NYC.

A walk across the wooden structure will take you around 40 minutes, promising some of the most stunning views of Lower Manhattan.

Since you’re here to stay, time is on your side. So take a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge as well, which connects two of the hippiest neighborhoods in NYC (Williamsburg and the Lower East Side).

Watch a movie at Film Forum

Movie lover? There’s no better place to visit than the Film Forum in Manhattan, a movie theater that screens independent flicks you’d likely have never had the chance to watch.

Explore the Downtown art scene

NYC is big on art as you will discover.

The Whitney Museum of American Art in the Meatpacking District is an excellent place to start, with its 50,000 sq. ft. of gallery space and an outdoor space that sprawls over 13,000 feet.

The neighborhood of Chelsea just close by is another gallery hotspot, with the Lower East Side showcasing grittier art.

Go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Take a break from the chaos and cacophony of Manhattan and pay the Brooklyn Botanical Garden a visit, as you take time to smell the roses and cherry blossoms.

Eat a hotdog on a street corner and grab a slice at John’s

In a city boasting one of the most vibrant dining scenes in the world, there is definitely no shortage of cuisine to sample.

Some staples we would recommend to properly immerse yourself in the NYC culture include trying out some “dirty water dogs” (don’t worry, that’s just a name) and swinging by John’s on Bleecker Street for a slice of Pizza.


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Top Things To Do in NYC, If You are Moving Here

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