“An interior designer synthesizes research, analysis and knowledge with the creative process to satisfy the client’s needs.”

(By Array Architects)

Interior designing is one of the best and quickly growing professions around the globe. It is a thought-leading profession involved within the relationships and encompassing setting between the individuals and surroundings. Interior designing isn’t merely confined to the visuals and interiors of a building, but it showcases the dimensional and sequential considerations starting from the affinity of a well-crafted object to the urban exploration of a city.

Interior designing provides multiple career options in its various categories. If you are an interior designing aspirant and pursuing the interior designing course, then this article is a must read for you. This article will provide you a thorough idea about the exciting career opportunities in interior designing field.

Many career roles after pursuing interior designing courses are as follow:

1. Space planners:

The primary responsibility of a space planner is to observe the space of the given interior designing project and to create the ideas for designing and decoration. Space planners provide the first start to accomplish a further designing process. If you are a keen observer and have an eye to make the proper use of the space, then you can start your career as a space planner. Many interior designing companies and freelance firms hire the space planners as a part of interior designing team. So, it is a great option to start a career after pursuing the interior designing course.

2. Assistant designers:

Assistant interior designers are the helping hand of the professional designers in interiors. You can start your interior designing career on an entry level as an associate interior designer. You can work under expert guidance and develop your knowledge in a practical approach.

3. Rendering Illustrators:

Illustrators make the ideas alive on papers which have been invented in the mind of an interior designer through a sketch. The primary responsibility of an illustrator is to create a base plan though sketched visuals so that the designer and the client can get an exact idea about how the work will be done. If interior designing is your passion and you have a good hand in drawing, then you can start your career as an interior designing illustrator.

4. Interior designing consultant:

Once you complete your interior designing course, you can start your interior designing firm. Many companies and construction agencies require interior designers to fulfil their designing and renovating purpose. You can provide a complete interior designing solution through your firm. You can also link up with other interior designers, architects, product suppliers to form a team. Running your firm will open the door of various new and exciting opportunities, for you will reward you with a fantastic income.

5. Product designer:

The job of the product designer is to come up with excellent ideas for artefacts and innovative pieces for decoration and designing purpose. Product designers should have a unique eye for the details and vision which is best suitable for the place. A product designer has to look after the decorating essentials depending upon the location and its construction details. If you have a great choice and taste for designing the articles and have the knowledge about the colour theme, light, appearance, setting of furniture along with the technical approach, then you can start your career as a product designer.

6. Furniture designer:

The well-designed furniture adds beauty to the place, whether it may be a house, company, and hotel and so on. Furniture designer has the knowledge about which type of furniture should be used, which material should be used while making it. Interior designing firms hire furniture designers for a specific task. The work of a furniture designer is to create designs for proposed furniture and instruct the workers to make it accordingly. So, this is also one of the options to build a career as a furniture designer.

There are various institutes and colleges which offers the interior designing courses. The interior designing courses provide multiple no. of remunerative career options along with enormous scope for growth. You can pursue your career in any of the specified stream based on your interest after completion of your interior designing course.

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