A denim jacket is a classic piece that has been in fashion for a very long time. And the best part about buying one is they never go out of style. Also, they are a great piece for transitioning between seasons. Basically the idea behind making denim was to use old jeans and make something cool out of it. But, later they became one of the most essential things in a woman’s closet. The reason behind the growing popularity is you can pair them with almost everything; be it shorts, jeans or skirts. If you think that denim are worn just in winter, below is a tutorial on how you can pair them up with everything and still look fabulous. 

How to wear denim jackets

If you Google this you will get a number of ideas to choose from. Denim jackets are mainly available in a lot of varieties; in terms of cuts, fits, embellishments, stretchability and more. The most basic type is a blue jean jacket streetwear which is every woman’s best friend. You can pair your jacket with flared skirts, dresses, pants and shorts. Apart from that, you can also create denim on denim look which is trending in denim style right now.

Styling your dress with Denim Jacket

A stylish yet relaxed feel is achieved when you pair up your dress with denim jacket. So, a new outfit can be made by pairing an over-sized denim jacket with a floral or plain dress. You can wear a vintage-inspired, patchwork blue jean jacket in a faded wash look with a cotton mini-dress. You can also pair it up with white dress as it gives an exquisite look. Other than that you can also pair a black dress with a denim jacket, you just have to make sure that the colour of the jacket is comparatively fader as black and light blue will complement each other. Or you can simply wear a white denim jacket with your favourite black dress. You can look for cool and trendy jackets on Ajio and can avail a discount too using certain coupon codes.

Short Denim Jacket- Trendiest of all

The trendiest and most popular are short denim jacket style which is perfect for summers. They give your outfit a fresh and light look. And the greatest thing about short denim jackets is that you can show off your top or sweater underneath and it complements it as well. A perfect layering option is to style your jacket overdress and skirts. You can also create a relaxed look using this type of jacket with a long skirt or jeans. It can also be used with a pair of baggy fit jeans with a pair of blue denim. So, if you also want to try this look, Myntra will be the best choice for you to purchase a trendy jacket.

Wearing anything and everything with a denim jacket

Wearing a denim jacket with a pair of black slit jeans is one of the most popular trends these days. They give you a cool, trendy and comfortable look. You can carry your favourite heels with this outfit or a pair of cool sneakers. You can also try teaming a hot trend- a crop top and a denim jacket. You can find the latest styles on Forever 21 and Zara. 

Basically denim jacket can be carried with anything and everything. They are not only for winter but also give you a unique look in summer too. Other than the jackets, denim shirts are also trending these days and look equally good when worn with the right pair of jeans. In short, it can take a little hunting to find what to wear with a denim jacket. But once you make up your mind, the jacket can do wonders.


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