In a world of popping colourful cosmetics and sophisticated beauty treatments, Mother Nature gives a safe respite. The age of natural beauty has dawned. Many beauty brands offer products that end up burning a hole in your pockets. They’re also harsh and may not suit everyone. 

We at Earthy Selections have listed our range of organic, vegan, cruelty-free skincare and beauty brands that promise to enhance your glow and protect your skin from the ravages of pollution and the sun. Further, these are affordable, clean and sustainable brands. We encourage you to explore each of the products on our website.

1. Body Café

Undoubtedly the most tempting brand under the Earthy Selections umbrella, Body Café is born out of a passion for cooking and experimenting with exotic ingredients. Added to this, is an entrepreneurial drive that sets this brand apart from any other organic beauty care brand.

A confluence of your home remedies (gharelu nuskhe), nature (prakriti) and the wisdom of Ayurveda, this brand has been endorsed by some of the top influencers in the country, like Nandini Bhalla (Editor, Cosmopolitan India), Karishma Mehta (Founder, Humans Of Bombay) and Maanvi Gagroo (PK famed actress). Avail its luscious and exuberant organic grooming and wellness products at really affordable prices too! Hair oils, lip balms, toners, moisturisers etc.

2. Satt Naturals

Sattva, which translates essence, is at the core of this Earthy Selections brand: the essence of purity and healing power of nature. This brand is our aromatherapy and fragrance speciality; deriving essential oils from genuine, natural sources and delivering holistic wellness.

It uses indigenous extraction techniques, which are not only cruelty-free but also sustainable: Culturally, Socially as well as Economically. The brand encourages deeper and meaningful employment to artisans, supporting women. All of its products come in eco-friendly packaging.

Budget wise, Satt Naturals essential oils are worth every penny.

3. Kans Natural

This Earthy Selections enterprise handcrafts completely natural skincare and hair care products, such as face packs and hair packs. The recipes for these products come from a long-preserved tradition handed down over generations. The ingredients are sourced from truly organic, ethical plantations all over India, manufactured in a home-based workshop and packaged entirely by women artisans. So undoubtedly they’re filled with love and care for the manufacturers! Suitable for all skin and hair types, the products are unique and are budget-friendly.

4. Echt Beauti

Sometimes you need to be dressed in your best form to make an impression. The Echt Beauti natural cosmetics range is the Earthy Selections’ perfect companion for you to flaunt your best features.

Pot lipsticks, kajal, gel eye liners of this brand are not only 100% plant-based, locally or sustainably made, but they’re also at par with your usual drugstore buys. 

5. Body Muse

One of Earthy Selections’ most dynamic home-based skincare brands, Body Muse prides itself on its absolutely organic, harsh chemical-free skincare products. Soaps, eye and lip care balms, body washes—experience luxuriant skincare treatment on a slimmer budget.

This brand is determined to establish its locally sourced, global standard organic body and hair care products as a one-stop solution, that are carefully curated and safe for most skin/hair types. Check out its cute Mini Dog Paw Soaps, which are fun giveaways at your next kitty party!

6. Trnatva

Inspired by Ayurveda, this brand by Earthy Selections is not selling just a beauty product, it’s also giving you an experience of natural care and tender comfort that most non-organic brands lack in.

Trnatva has a wide variety of products, suited for all skin and hair types, and effective for a great number of ailments like chapped lips, flaky skin, itches and acne. Introduce your family and friends to this wonderful brand with a gift box.

7. Mehr Skincare

Beauty shines best when it comes from within; and Mehr, an Earthy Selections brand, is literally transforming these words into actions! Its 100% natural products let your skin breathe just the way it likes to.

With a focus on products customised for each user, this enterprise aims to make users feel confident in their own skin. With its cleansers, toners, moisturisers and many other wondrous products handcrafted with love, Mehr brings the blessings of nature into your daily skincare regimen, all at a very reasonable price range 

8. Innila

Trust Innila to completely rejuvenate your skin and hair with its powerful products. It has been delivering 100% natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan products for holistic beauty care since 2018.

One of the most recommended brands of the house of Earthy Selections. Customers have left very encouraging reviews, and we also can not stop gushing about how affordable, light-weight and lost lasting effects this brand is delivering. 


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8 Affordable Clean Skincare & Beauty Brands You Can Buy At Earthy Selections

  1. I can’t believe I’ve not heard of any of these! I really hope the ‘standard’ drugstore skincare and beauty brands start moving this way so that it becomes the norm and so readily available!

    Katie |

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