Things are not the same when you are with your friends or your girlfriend, but they are definitely weird and difficult when you are on your first date with someone. In that unknown, uncertain atmosphere all of us generally make some mistakes, freak out, speak too much, remain silent and do all sorts of things that we must not. So here I will share with you some of the things you definitely must not do while you are on a first date. You surely are on a date as you like that someone and you wouldn’t want to spoil the relationship and the outing with some silly mistakes. Every step should be calculated and you must not overdo or under-do things on the first date.

Dates are like interviews, you should speak as much as it is required maintain proper distance and speak keeping in mind where to draw the line when it is your first date. So here are the things that you must not even think about doing on your first date.

Things You Must Avoid Doing On Your First Date


Attending phone calls and messaging:

Well when you two are sitting and talking, your friend calls up asking about your evenings plan and you start telling him about your last night party while your date is sitting in front of you watching your face. Take the call only if it is important and keep it down in a minute telling the other person you are busy so that your date feels important.

Making the date a very long one:

Well if on your first date you plan to first see a movie then go for a lunch and a bar thereafter?? A complete no, as on the first date both of you will not be very comfortable with each other. There will be a formality angle or something else. Spending 5-6 hours with your date on the first day itself will drain you of topics to talk about and then either of you will end up talking more than you should or keeping mum, both of which are spoilers.

Basic table manners:

You be the boy of the girl. If you are going on a date for lunch then you must behave in a sophisticated manner. Pull the chair for the lady, and if you are the lady and he does that say thank you to him. Eat properly and don’t eat too fast. This is a big turn off if you don’t behave properly on the table especially for girls.

Do not tell about your past relationships or ask that:

Yes, both are a complete no’s. Talk to your date but not about your past relationships and breakups. Don’t tell them on the first date itself what made you breakup with your X and when you should not tell them you should also not ask them the same. These are one of the biggest turn offs as getting so personal on your first date isn’t really a good idea as you not yet know whether you will go on another date or not. Plus getting too emotional is also not the way to go. Be balanced between practicality and emotions.

Don’t praise your date too much:

Even if they are looking extremely hot don’t praise them too much as then you might sound very desperate and that might turn the other person off.

Don’t run away from paying the bill:

Well how much will a lunch or a coffee cost? You be the lady or the man, paying the bill always impresses the other sex. Even if as a lady you pay the bill you will impress the guy as all guys like independent and confident women who treat themselves equal to men.

Don’t drink too much:

If you have gone to grab a beer for your date, keep it to one beer and don’t exceed. If you pass out on your first date then there won’t be any more dates coming for you, certainly not with the same person.


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Things You Must Avoid Doing On Your First Date

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