When it comes to ageing there are some factors we can control and some we can’t. The skin’s natural ageing process is a part of life and is inevitable. On the other hand, there are certain lifestyle choices we can make to prevent premature ageing.

The clinical term for the natural process of ageing is intrinsic ageing. The factors that affect it are age and the genetic tendencies of the skin. People’s genes pertaining to hormonal shifts, effects of free radicals and inability to repair damaged skin decide how their skin will age with time. 

Alternatively, the rate of intrinsic ageing can drastically be decreased by personal factors such as exposure to UV rays, diet, smoking, etc.

Want to look younger? 4 Unbelievable Tips to Slow Ageing – Maea Skincare


Certain environmental factors and lifestyle habits could hasten the ageing process and are called extrinsic ageing.

This form of ageing is within our control so if you want to slow down ageing, target these factors.

Want to learn how to control the pace of your skin’s ageing process? Maea’s got you. Follow these 4 main practices to get credible results.

1. Use sunscreen. Vitamin D is vital, but UV rays and radiations are one of the biggest factors that cause premature ageing. 

So, add a broad spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to your daily skincare regime. 

Want to look younger? 4 Unbelievable Tips to Slow Ageing – Maea Skincare


Grab the latest Maea Skin Defence Tinted Moisturizer that has SPF to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Not only does it do that, but also has a buildable tint that gives a natural look while hydrating the face.

2. Moisturize your face regularly. Moisturizing fights wrinkles and traps water in the skin. A healthy amount of hydration makes the skin plump and fresh. 

3. Use products with antioxidants. The kind of products that we use in our skincare routine greatly affect our skin. To achieve a routine that targets decreasing the rate of premature ageing, there are some things we must keep in mind. 

Apart from SPF, products with antioxidants are essential. 

Guess what? It’s no surprise Maea is packed with ingredients that give antioxidant protection. With all sorts of sources of vitamin C such as extracts of orange, lemon, ascorbic acid, raspberry, etc., your skin will feel firm and fabulous!

Want to look younger? 4 Unbelievable Tips to Slow Ageing – Maea Skincare


Maea’s products contain jojoba oil, shea butter, green tea extracts, peptides, niacinamides and hyaluronic acid. They all have benefits ranging from treating dry skin, improving lock-in moisture abilities, unclogging pores, boosting moisture levels, promoting cell regeneration, and many more that will give you the ultimate youthful glow inside out. 

Want to look younger? 4 Unbelievable Tips to Slow Ageing – Maea Skincare


4. Diet is extremely important for healthy skin that has an undisturbed natural ageing process. 

Having a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables prevents all sorts of skin damage. Studies have proved that diets with high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars accelerate the process of ageing. Exposing the body to smoking and drinking has harmful effects on the skin as well so, one must avoid them. 

After all, healthy skin starts from within!


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Want to look younger? 4 Unbelievable Tips to Slow Ageing – Maea Skincare

  1. You said some great words of thruth: sun protection, moisturizing and antioxidants. We can have them both with diet and skin care products. This is the first time I rrad about this brand. Very interesting…

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