Bhai Dooj is one religious occasion which has a unique significance to strengthen the bond between brother and sister. Sisters pray to God for the well being and happiness of their brothers. It is also the famous celebration which helps to refresh the beautiful memories with siblings. Both brothers and sisters exchange some fantastic gifts for bhai dooj with each other. They also spend the whole day with lots of happy moments together. Following are the best ideas to add more fun into your life on this memorable day.

Go for a picnic with siblings:

Bhai Dooj occasion gives you a chance to spend quality time with your siblings. You can organize a trip or picnic with your siblings to some beautiful destination. Enjoy the weather and tasty snacks at the picnic with your lovely siblings. You can also do some fun activities and enjoy the best moments of the day. It will be the addition of happiness in your life with siblings. You can also go to your favorite place to refresh your childhood memories with your younger brothers and sisters.

Go to the Movie Theatre:

Watching a movie with your siblings is one of the best delights for them on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. Plan to watch the latest film in the famous theatre in your city. Invite all the siblings to do the movie fun together on this day. You can also make arrangements to watch your all-time favorite movie at home. Order some delicious snacks and enjoy the film with your siblings. You can also enjoy the homemade food while watching your favorite movie. It can add more fun to your life at this Bhai Dooj festival.

Organize a sibling’s party

The party idea is perfect for all age groups to celebrate the memorable day. You can organize a theme based party to enjoy the special moments with siblings. Make a beautiful decoration with colorful balloons and fresh flowers at the party place. You can make it a unique theme for Bhai Dooj celebration. Try to decorate the whole party place with their common hobbies and passions. Make an arrangement of food and music for the grand celebration of sibling’s day. A party will help you to strengthen the bond with your siblings.

Decorate a cake for the celebration:

Bhai Dooj celebration is incomplete without having a delicious cake for the party. You can draw the cake design on the paper which you want to make for the ceremony. Then order cake online from the famous baker’s shop to celebrate the Bhai Dooj festival, in fact cakes can be the best as gifts for diwali too. Also, you can get the gifts anywhere with the help of online cake delivery. Now you can order cake in bangalore, agra, delhi, chennai, hyderabad or anywhere you want. You just have to choose the cake you want to get delivered to your doorstep.

You can also decorate a cake with chocolate flakes and sprinkles at home. There are different options to prepare the cake for the particular occasion. It is good to make the unique cake which resembles your bonding with siblings.

Plan fun activities at home:

Siblings are the best companions with whom you had some beautiful childhood memories. You can also plan to play your favorite games on this day with your siblings. The other idea is to make a talent round where everyone can perform particular activities. It will help you to enjoy the day with full of fun with your brothers and sisters. The main purpose of planning such fun activities is to come closer to your siblings. You can also share gossips and latest fun ideas with your siblings. Everyone will feel fantastic to have the great fun together.

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