Well we all know how important it is for women to look their best all the time to impress the guy they like. Today we will throw some light on what things men find the most attractive. Men find those women sexy who have these qualities. So if you want to impress a man just focus on these and rest assured you will catch the bull by its horn and hit Bull’s eye when it comes to knowing and doing what men find sexy.Things Men Find Sexy in a woman

Well Dressed:

Let us start with the most obvious and known quality. Every girl tries her best to impress the guy they like by looking her best but here is the catch what exactly do men find good. Overdressing, over makeup is a complete no no. Most men find women good in beautiful dresses and traditional outfits. So if its a date go for a beautiful dress and bowl him over with what you got ๐Ÿ˜‰ . To be extra special, you can add a stylish men’s hat.

A Girl Who Can Talk And Have A Good Conversation:

When I say this, I don’t mean talk about the SENSEX or politics. The point is talking about somethings that is important, it can be anything from news to personal stuff. Men love when you listen and give valuable suggestions and some logical points. They love when they can discuss their problems or concerns with you. They for sure get turned on by this.

Being Playful:

Men don’t like serious shit. So when it comes to the women they are dating they for sure don’t like women who are too serious about everything. Fooling around and also pranking once in a while surely ups your sexiness meter.

A Girl With Good Humor:

This is what women want in men but this is a give and take girls. Men too are humans and they too want someone who can make them laugh. If you are a girl with wit you for sure have an edge over all other girls. Gone are the days where men liked simple, somber and quiet girls. You want him? Then you gotta have that humor to make him laugh and you can have him for as long as you like.


Are You Adventurous? :

Well this is a big thumbs up when you talk in context of what men find sexy. You love to try new things? Explore places? Go out and do something new every once in a while? Well that’s what men look for. They just love girls who are ready to bend the rules and explore new vistas. Well you can trust it especially when it comes from the horses mouth.

Laugh At His Jokes, Do You? Please? :

Well this might sound a little odd but yeah men love it when you laugh at their jokes. They find it as a go ahead. However lame jokes they may sometimes crack but in the end if you laugh at them they love it. It surely turns them on and when you turn them on they obviously find you sexy. So you know what to do when you want a guy to pick you up, you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

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