I met my current boyfriend while studying abroad in London a few years ago. We immediately hit things off and spent almost every day together exploring the city. We even went on a few European excursions to other countries as well. I met his parents and things were going along really well. Then the time came for me to go back to the States.

We had joked about whether or not this would just be a “study abroad fling,” but when it came down to it, neither of us wanted to really break things off. Neither of us had ever done a long-distance relationship before either, so it was going to be new territory for both of us. Especially since we were going to be doing long-distance from different countries, I immediately started looking for apps that could keep us connected.

Learn More about Long Distance Relationships

The apps that helped me the most, in the beginning, were the articles and chat forums for long-distance dating. Getting tips and suggestions ahead of time gave us a good idea of how we would be able to make things work. Reading about typical long-distance relationship problems really helped us to know what to avoid. The problem that seemed to come up most frequently was communication, so I knew we would need some good apps to stay in touch. Aside from the tips, it was also nice to meet others who are going through the same thing. Long-distance can be hard, but it’s helpful to know you’re not alone!

Making an Online Place for Your Relationship

While I was searching for communication apps that would be helpful with making a long-distance relationship work, I came across this whole list, which is perfect for anyone else in this situation:

Helpful Apps for Long-Distance Relationships

This list introduced me to the app Between, which has been our go-to app for keeping up with each other and our busy lives. It’s sort of like a social media for long-distance relationships. We’re able to talk every day and can keep all of our pictures, notes and calendars in one place. We can also count down to our next time seeing each other, which will be this summer when he comes to visit me here! Having space just for your relationship makes communication easy and gives you a nice place to come together each day, especially on those days when you’re too busy to video chat but want to let the other person know you’re thinking of them.

Planning Long-Distance Dates

Another thing that was important for keeping the relationship alive was being able to have a romantic time from a distance. The forums and articles are great for getting romantic ideas for a long-distance relationship such as ordering your significant other a pizza or a surprise gift for delivery. In the Long-Distance apps list that I shared, I also found the app Rabbit, which allows you to watch movies and TV series together in a video chat. It really helps to make us feel like any other couple cuddling up on the couch every evening to catch up on Netflix. Making your partner happy is always the goal, and though it’s a little trickier to do when you’re not with them, all you have to do is get a little more creative.


If you’re starting a long-distance relationship or even if you’ve been in one for some time now, I highly recommend trying out some of these apps or finding your own. It will make the long-distance feel a little less distant and keep you happy until the next time you get to run and jump into their arms after they step off the plane.


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