Boho wedding dresses are inspired by the bohemian era of the hippie and free-spirited culture of the 1960s, where everything was so laid back, flowing and breezy. If you can identify yourself with everything we said about the bohemian era then you will surely make a perfect boho bride. The bohemian style sure has influences from past decades but this style still continues to trend. Many celebrities have opted for boho wedding gowns for their wedding day.

How to Style Your Boho Wedding Dress?

The best part about the boho wedding dresses is that they are free from an itchy underskirt or a corset as they are free and flowing. This makes them a perfect fit for a rustic or beach or festival wedding. These wedding gowns are inspired by nature and feature birds, flowers and butterfly motifs and embroidery. You can also take some inspiration from prom dress shops as these dresses are very much free-flowing. These dresses are elegant and timeless, so if you want to feel relaxed and true to yourself on your wedding day then a boho wedding dress is the way to go.

What is Boho Style?

Boho style is all about naturally feeling beautiful and setting your soul free. Boho wedding gowns are the epitome of romance, they are free-flowing and have graceful lines. Boho style represents nature with earthy fabrics and intricate embroidery, so in short boho style surely lacks fuss. Fringed hems, billowing sleeves, intricate embroidery, floor-length skirts, unfussy simplicity and off-shoulder necklines all describe the boho wedding dress. These wedding dresses sure create a magical experience.

How to Style Your Boho Wedding Dress?

How to Accessorise Your Boho Wedding Gown?

You can accessorise your boho wedding dress with flower headpieces or crowns or blossom-inspired hair clips can be added to your updo. Basically it is all about building your look around the elements of freedom and nature.

Choose your shoes with a floral theme and your bouquet should be crafted from wildflowers. Jewellery needs to be delicate and embellished with pearls and natural stones.

So if you are free-spirited at heart and all set to break the traditional norms and ready to embody your free spirit, a boho wedding gown is going to be right up your street.


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How to Style Your Boho Wedding Dress?

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