Unfortunately, we’re all too familiar with fad dieting. Luckily, in the more recent years, there has been a lot more focus on healthy eating which has introduced some new great diets that are easier to follow in the long run.


The flexitarian diet

With more popularity surrounding veganism and eating foods better for the environment, the flexitarian diet brings a different approach. It is designed for people who want to eat vegetarian to be healthy but isn’t completely restrictive. The idea is that you eat more vegetables and less fatty meats the majority of the time. Its flexible approach is a lot easier for people to stick to in the long term and can be easier for people who like to eat out and cook at home.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on the understanding that people in the Mediterranean eat healthier which leads to a better quality of life. The health benefits have been known to increase well being and longevity of life. The idea behind the diet is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables along with healthy fat foods such as fish, oils and nuts.

The 5:2 diet

Also known as intermittent fasting, the 5:2 diet follows a slightly stricter routine of short cycles of fasting. The benefits have been suggested to get rid of stubborn fat and control insulin levels. The intermittent fasting ensures that you only restrict what you eat at certain times of the day. People either fast for two days and then eat normally for 5 or fast for 12 hours every day, allowing them to eat in between. Its results match those of a calorie restricted diet, but it is said to be more manageable as you get to eat normally during the periods where you are not fasting.

The keto diet


The keto diet is a long-term, low carb diet that incorporates delicious, low carbohydrate foods whilst also making sure you fill your plate with the right macros. It involves a higher fat concentration than most diets, which helps you to not go hungry making this diet a more sustainable option for the long term. Not only is the keto diet great for the waistline, the recipes and idea behind it can help put other diseases at bay such as heart disease or strokes. The diet strongly promotes healthy fats and oils and fresh whole foods including meat and vegetables. www.tasteaholics.com is a great source for recipes ideas and meal plans to help you get started. They have everything you need to follow along easily and get started on your weight loss goals.

There are plenty of different diets out there to choose from, but these seem to be still popular for 2018 gaining in popularity as the year goes on. Real weight loss is all about what suits your body best. What may work for one person, may not be right for someone else. So why not give these diets a try and let us know which you think works best for you.

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