If you are in search of the perfect makeup base, there are many options out there with varying levels of coverage. The cosmetics industry has evolved into multi-million dollar businesses and as a result, there are products for every function and skin type. With so many options to choose from, we get confused and buy based on our gut instincts.

In this post, we will discuss which popular solution is best for your skin. Let’s narrow it down to BB cream, CC cream, and foundation. We will talk about which one suits you, how to use them, what are the advantages of each particular solution and everything else you need to know about them.

  1. BB Cream

BB cream is originally from Asia and is also called the beauty balm cream or blemish balm cream. As the name suggests, it is used to even out skin tone and fix up blemishes. It is slowly replacing tinted moisturizers because it contains much more benefits while being easy to use and providing light coverage.

BB creams are light; in fact, they are lighter than most foundations but they are thicker than tinted moisturizers. Some BB creams like Mizon’s Snail Repair BB cream with SPF contains sunscreen, and key antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and help the skin fight pollution.

BB creams have mild ingredients that don’t harm the face even when left on for a long period of time, and they claim to help control acne-prone skin. BB creams can even out skin texture and color while providing a good natural-looking makeup base.

The claim to fame of the BB cream was its moisturizing benefits which the foundation did not have at the time. But the most recent products have these moisturizing properties. There are several hydrating foundations available in the market.

The only drawback is that you will only get a few shades to select from (light, medium, and dark) and most of them are pigmented according to Asian skin tones so if you’re Caucasian or dark-skinned, chances are that the BB cream would be a different shade from your skin color.

2. CC Creams

CC creams are the latest all in one solution offered to the market. CC stands for color corrective or color control. CC creams are lighter than both BB creams and Foundations. CC creams retain a soft texture that is very light and airy. The benefits are very similar to BB creams but they act more like a primer than a foundation.

They are mainly used to clear out hyperpigmentation, redness, and blotchiness of the skin and add essential ingredients like lycopene and vitamin C to reduce redness and increase skin radiance. Some CC creams like SK II’s CC cream has added sun protection.

CC creams are like a treatment-oriented makeup, where they protect as well as replenish the skin giving it an even and fairer tone. It smoothes out the skin and covers blemishes. It can act as a primer underneath the foundation which will help in completely evening out the skin tone while adding benefits such as anti-aging and hydration.

It will also make your makeup stick on all day and prevent the chances of it being smudged away. CC cream does not generally offer the coverage that BB creams provide and they are also available in a few shades (often lighter than an average skin tone), and it can be applied in the same way as BB cream.

How to Use BB/CC Creams

Most people, especially those with top-notch skin care routines, opt for BB cream without CC cream; however, if you are struggling with skin issues, CC cream would be a good replacement to a moisturizer. Just make sure that your face is properly washed, cleansed and toned before application or it could lead to the trapping of dirt on your pores.

BB/CC creams are instant time savers. If you are that type that gets everything done in the last minute these creams are a godsend. Their usage is pretty easy. All you need to do is to get a small portion and just rub it on. You can also use a sponge or a brush to apply the cream on your skin. But it is always better to use your clean bare hands.

3. Foundation

The foundation has been the go-to makeup base for centuries. It has been used over the years by everyone in the cosmetics industry and has evolved from powder to liquid to gel. There is a variety of shades to choose from, and foundation pigmentation is superior to the BB or CC creams. This is recommended by most make artists for a flawless skin canvas with much more superior skin coverage.

Foundations are the way to go if you want your make up to last a very long time. Some foundations can go even 24 hours without ruining your look. Most of the foundations come with more than 20 layers that range from fair to darks.

How to use foundation

You should apply the foundation as small dots to the central parts of the face, then you can use a sponge to gradually blend the foundation outwards. This will help you cover the whole face and give you a flawless no make-up look. But not everything is easy. You will have to look at your hairline and skin, blending the foundation incorrectly will result in the dreaded visible foundation line.

You can use your hands, but to get accurate results it is better to use a sponge or a brush. People who prefer the airbrushed look they prefer to use sponges.

In summary, BB creams and CC creams are good for everyday use because they can do the work of a moisturizer and a foundation. If you are a person with a strict and solid skin care routine then you can confidently use these creams with your makeup. The downside is that they can’t hide imperfections as well as other products like concealers and foundations. These creams do not offer the kind of versatility and coverage that can be done with foundation.

Foundation, on the other hand, can be used on a variety of occasions, and there are even cushion foundations with a texture similar to a BB cream/CC cream but with better coverage and pigmentation. There’s a reason why foundation never really lost its market, and why makeup artists all around the world still use them on their job.

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