With the arrival of summer, the most awaited beach season is finally here. Stand out from the crowd by taking these head-turning items along with you. Follow our tips ahead of time to look trendy and chic this summer. If you have already decided your beach destination, then you need to gear up for the beach. You can start by choosing beautifully designed swimwear that accommodates your body type perfectly. Choose something trendy, hot and sexy like the summer bikinis. After picking your swimwear check out these must-have cool beach essentials;

Beach Mat to keep sand away:

Going to the beach means soaking up as much sunlight as possible and what can be more perfect than lying on the beach on your own beach mat. There are many varieties available in the market now.  We recommend you to buy the dual layer ones. These mats are more like blankets with soft woven top layer and a ground sheet below to keep the sand away from you and your belongings.

Beach Tent:

The beach tent is a stylish yet versatile substitute of the traditional beach umbrellas. It is a thick wide canopy which will keep you protected from the harmful ultraviolet radiations.  It is easy to assemble and provides shade to the entire family.

Chic Beach towels:

Towels are an essential part of all type of swimming trips. Whether you are chilling out at the beach or enjoying with friends at a pool. Make a style statement by using some gorgeous and chic beach towels. As a beach towel is must-have summer essentials. We spend a lot buying the latest and trendy swimwear but we neglect the most important part the towel with which we cover ourselves after every swim or sometimes just to stop the tan. We recommend you to invest this year in getting yourself one chic and trendy beach towel that will make head turns.



Sunglasses are a must whenever we say beach. This year tiny shades are back with a bang. So, if you want to be trendy you must buy one of the tiny sunglasses before hitting the beach. But watch out for the area around your eyes, these tiny shades lack sun protection and you can get a sunburn in those sensitive areas so, before opting for these trendy glasses make sure you have put sunblock.


Flip Flops:

Beach gear is incomplete without a pair of flip-flops. Stay chic and stylish this year by choosing some unique yet stylish flip-flops. You can buy from patterned ones to traditional or you can stay simple by just opting for a pair of bamboo flip-flops which can give you an elegant beach look.

Sun hats:

Sun hats are one of the fundamental beach accessories. They are forever trendy. They not only protect you from harmful solar radiations but are a style statement as well. This year buy a hat that matches your swimsuit and turn heads in awe.


Beach Cover-ups or Capes:

Want your beach look to be perfect. Buy a cover-up for your swimsuit. It can be anything from a skirt to a kaftan or even a cape. You can also consider kimonos or maxi dresses. Buying a beach cover-up is essential because it protects your body from getting too much sun exposure. A beach cover-up is a stylish way to protect your body.

Patterned Beach bags:

Choosing the right bag for your beach trips should never be left for later shopping. Because at the eleventh hour we are short on time and pull out something old from our wardrobe. Buying a beach bag that is not only stylish and spacious but trendy as well. This year patterns are in trend so go for a bag that has patterns. You can choose from Aztec designs, crochet, nautical stripes or even woven patterns.


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Must-Have Beach Essentials For This Summer

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