The winter has started and the biggest problem of winters is getting out of bed and if you need to exercise after getting out of bed in winters, it becomes all the more tougher to come out of that blanket and get ready to hit the gym or go for a jog. Yes this is a common problem, I call it a snooze-lovia. Didn’t get it? Let me explain, it means loving the snooze button of the alarm clock in winters. We tend to snooze the alarm as soon as it rings pleading us to wake up. It is very hard to stay motivated towards working out in the winter season and we generally tend to procrastinate. But the cold weather provides ample training possibility and has its own share of benefits with should be reaped but us. We shall discuss some of the things which we must inscribe in our routine to be able to work out better this winters.


Get yourself a partner:

This is the most simple and effective method for working out consistently in long run and it acts as a multi edged sword. What often tends to happen is that we feel lazy and then convince ourselves it is not important to go for the workout. But this problem can be solved by having a gym or running partner. I have noticed this myself that even if I am not willing to hit the gym some day and my partner calls up for the gym, I cannot say no, rather I get up and going with just one call. Not just this, a motivating partner helps in better workouts. Further when you exercise with a partner you can take help in between the sets and you tend to work out more efficiently as you never want to be the weaker one of the two. Thus it gives oneself positive motivation.gym-partner-winter-workout

Drink proper quantity of water- keep yourself hydrated:

What often happens in winters is that, as soon as it comes we start sweating lesser and resultantly we reduce our water consumption un-consciously. Which is not a good sign. Our body in no way requires lesser nutrients or lesser fluid in winters. So keeping yourself hydrated during the workouts and even otherwise should be one of your prime focuses. Logically our body needs more time to warm up in winters and thus our workouts tend to be longer thus is it is really important to remain properly hydrated to avoid loss of water mass from the body.pre-post-workout

Warm up properly:

As the temperature drops in winters the body takes more time to heat up, thus the warm up time in winters should be increased accordingly. If one exercises without proper warm up, the muscle tend to remain rigid and there might me a chance of some wear and tear with them. Talking of warming up, cooling your body down is also as important as you finish your workout slowly cool down your body. You can start your exercise and gradually remove layers of what you have been wearing and when your are about to finish gradually wear them.abs-crunches-4bestworkoutsforabs

Set goals and achieve them:

The time of winter should be treated with some short term goals. Goals can be anything related to your workout. From running an extra mile to doing more pushups or to lifting heavier weight or doing more reps, you must set goals and try to achieve them every time you hit the gym. You should keep your focus on realizing your goals. You can also keep some gifts for you like buying yourself a new pair of shoes if your reach the target of running x kms, or gift yourself a shirt when you attain the desired arms. This will keep you motivated and push you to excel and try hard for more.  


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  1. Such great tips! I hate going to the gym when it’s cold! Definitely needed this motivation!

    <3 Shannon

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