When you check your phone in the morning, you get an assault of notifications. You may have friend requests, likes, and direct messages to reply to. There’s also the news to catch up on. The world doesn’t sleep, so when you wake up, you need to know what happened while you were sleeping.

There should be a line between being aware and being overstimulated. The earlier is good, but the latter is destroying your ability to focus.

Always Something New

Our phones work like slot machines. They give that rush of endorphins akin to what we get when we win in a casino. Those notifications translate to validation, and you feel more valid the more those likes pour in. It’s an addiction that isn’t regulated, which makes it even more dangerous. Young children who are exposed to social media develop these habits and might have a hard time realizing the difference between the online world and the real world.

That’s not even the worst part. There’s always something new happening in the world, and trying to catch up on every single tidbit of news–fake news included–means you’re not focusing on what’s happening at the moment.

Stress on Your Face

All the bad news you see happening online affects you. You may not be the person who has been robbed or whose hometown is fighting a water crisis, but reading about the news is enough to stress you. Everyone pretty much has access to breaking news, which makes these stressors hard to avoid. The only difference is those who may already be used to caring for their skin by buying a moisturizer online or from their favorite brands will not look as stressed as those who are exposed to all these stressful happenings and who don’t care about their skin. The stress that shows on your face will not go away as long as you insist on catching up and not caring for the state of your skin.

Affecting Everything in Your Life

It’s one thing to look stressed; it’s another to let stress rule your life. Sources of stress are everywhere. Your workplace is not exactly the most relaxing part of your life, and it’s probably not a walk in the part. Even the commute to and from work can cause stress. These are normal parts of your life. However you can’t just quit work and isolate yourself to avoid stress. Doing that does not guarantee a stress-free life, and it’s definitely not healthy. You can manage these stresses to help you be productive, and you can add exercise to your routine to expend surplus energy. What you shouldn’t do is pick a fight with colleagues because you were annoyed by one small thing. This means you’re stressed and you’re projecting it onto other people. You’re not only distracted; you’re also becoming problematic all because you’re not managing stress properly.


Saying you’re stressed is not an excuse anymore. Everyone has stressors to manage, but if you let them take over your life, that’s where all the problems start.

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