If you are looking to start a jewellery collection, earrings may be the perfect place to start. They can be relatively cheap, even for vintage or antiques. 

If you do not know the different earring styles that are on offer, below you will find a guide to help you identify them, so that you know what you are buying when you purchase your first pair of antique earrings. 


Stud Earrings


Stud earrings are a familiar favourite and have been for hundreds of years, with the simplistic style making them also affordable. You can have plain studs with no gemstones, or choose ones with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. You can get a pair of antique earrings with ease by going to your local antique store or shopping one of the many online stores that have a wide variety for sale.

Button Earrings


Button earrings are also a simple design, and as the name alludes to, they resemble a button that you would find on clothing. They can vary in their complexity, and these first became the height of fashion in the 1930s.

Girandole Earrings


Girandole earrings became popular in the 18th century, and they have a distinctive style, with three stones suspended from the bottom of the earrings, and the centre stone usually lower than the other two. The stones can be in any shape and do not have to be the same size. There are many different variations of girandole earrings from which you can choose. 

Chandelier Earrings


Another distinctive style which is also usually a formal one is chandelier earrings, given their name by resembling ornate chandeliers usually seen in big houses. These elaborate drop Silver Earrings can also be more simplistic in modern designs, but antique and vintage ones will usually be ornate and beautiful. 

Pendeloque Earrings

Pendeloque earrings are another style which saw the height of the popularity in the 18th century and are delicate and very beautiful. They will usually consist of a round top and have a bow made from metalwork, connecting a drop which matches the earring above. Most antique earrings in this style will consist of high-quality precious metals, as well as beautiful gemstones, and have remained a popular style since they first became fashionable.

Top & Drop Earring


Top and drop earrings have either round or oval pieces that are connected, usually with a small chain, and are sometimes detachable. When the bottom and top of the earrings can be detached, they are sometimes referred to as day to night earrings. This style of earrings also became popular in the 18th century, seeing their most popular time in the Georgian era. 

Drop Earrings


Drop earrings can refer to any earring that drops down from the ear, so it is a bit of a catch-all name. They will usually be an ornate style of earring, and the connection can either be by a small chain or a solid piece of metal linked to the upper earring.

These are a few of the different styles of earrings that you can find when you go shopping for antique jewellery. You may also wish to learn about the different periods such as Georgian, Victorian, and the Edwardian. 


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Collecting Antique Earrings: The Different Styles Available

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