Hi girls! Have you ever wondered that what is the name of those jackets which are worn by most of the girls which cover only upper body of yours leaving the waist and hips uncovered? Confused? Its name is “BOLERO JACKET”.


A Bolero Jacket is a well-tailored and a cropped cardigan like a garment with short sleeves. Well! This term “BOLERO” is used to describe a traditional form of a Spanish Dance. These jackets are shrug-like jackets which commonly cover only the upper part of your body, sleeves and shoulders.

This type of jacket jazzes up regular jeans and t-shirt ensemble. It definitely works as your good friend as a summer blazer to cover up when you are experiencing chills. A vibrant embroidered bolero jacket spices up your look.
Kim kindashain in a sequined bolero jacket
It’s a good idea to add a Victorian-era reminiscent lace-trimmed bolero jacket to your wardrobe.
If you wear the bolero jacket with long neckpiece that touches almost your navel or pair it up with chandelier earrings, it looks very ravishing. In addition to this, if you wear a dewy complexion and a pop up stylish color on your lips then you will surely get a
stylish look which sets you to rock.

So girls!! what’s your opinion on these bolero jackets?

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