The connection between weight loss and the health of your skin is very close as changes in body mass can cause sagging and stretching. Both types of skin damage are irreparable, so only a surgery can effectively remove these unattractive features. Even that might not be 100% effective depending on the location and extent of the damage. There is also a matter of weight loss diet to consider when you think about skin health. However, this matter is far more positive as a well-balanced healthy meal plan will enhance your natural beauty. Following unhealthy fatty diets, on the other hand, can cause a variety of skin problems, like acne and dryness.

Weight Loss and Skin Health: Understand and Manage Stretching and Sagging

When you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate more fat. That’s a natural process that shouldn’t damage your tissues much because human skin is extremely flexible. It can even restore to a certain degree when covered in inflexible scar tissue. You can see this from studying stories of face reconstruction after extreme scarring, like the case of young Youssif reported by CNN.

However, for all the remarkable recuperative ability of human skin, scar tissue doesn’t just go away. And stretch marks that occur as a result of weight gain are scars that appear after the tissue is damaged from the inside. Note that this happens when weight gain is ‘too much too fast’. A gradual increase of the fat layer shouldn’t cause stretch marks. That’s because it doesn’t damage the skin as your tissues have time to adjust and grow naturally.

Sagging, on the other hand, happens when you lose a lot of weight fast. In cases of extreme obesity, your skin will sag no matter what as it’s been damaged far too much. But in other cases, the right kind of weight loss program should minimize this effect.

Therefore, the key to enhancing your beauty and keeping your skin healthy while you lose weight is choosing a smart plan. To achieve the best results you’ll need to develop a well-balanced healthy diet and learn how to control your appetite naturally.

It’s also essential to include some strength training into your program. Weight lifting and other types of resistance exercises are essential for toning your muscles and skin. This kind of workouts will help you not only limit (or even completely prevent) sagging. They can also help minimize the scarring from stretches.

What About Weight Loss Diet and Skin Health?

Weight loss and skin health are most directly related due to diet as its influence on the condition of your skin is a proven fact (The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology). That’s another reason why it’s so important to ensure that your meal plan provides all essential nutrients. Any deficiency is sure to show up on your skin.

Eating an unhealthy diet high in sugars and junk food is also a major cause of acne. So changing your eating habits will boost the health and look of your skin by default. And sticking to a healthy diet in the future will help maintain your weight and keep your face glowing.

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