Vitamin E is full of antioxidants and nutrients. It gives your body the necessary minerals for maintaining immunity. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it aids cell regeneration. The beauty industry has adopted vitamin E as its holy grail for great hair and skin. Vitamin E capsule is an easy and affordable way to get the daily nutrition dosage. Apart from your hair and skin, vitamin E is beneficial for the proper functioning of your organs. Vitamin E capsule is fat-soluble and easily digestible by the human body. 

Benefits of Vitamin E Capsule

Research has found multiple benefits of Vitamin E for your healthy hair and skin.


A study suggests that skin’s firmness improves after regular use of vitamin E. As it is a rich source of antioxidants, it improves blood circulation. Both topical and oral usage of vitamin e capsule helps in maintaining your skin’s youth.


Vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and transformation. If applied topically over dry skin and scalp, it can relieve dryness and itching. Also, you can turn your chapped lips soft by regular application of vitamin E.

Treats Hyperpigmentation

Melasma causes dark patches on the skin due to extra pigment produced by hormonal imbalance. This can be treated effectively by applying vitamin E combined with vitamin C. You may see only moderate results in a short time.

Stops Hair Fall

Hair loss has been linked with oxidative stress for a long time. Vitamin E is said to reduce oxidative stress because of its antioxidant properties and prevent hair fall.

Ways To Use A Vitamin E capsule.

Now, let’s look at how we can inculcate vitamin E capsules in our daily life and reap the benefits.

Take it directly

Oral intake of vitamin E capsule is advised if you are deficient in the vitamin or your diet lacks enough of it, consider taking a supplement. You should always get your doctor’s advice before taking it.

Night serum

The Vitamin E capsule has a thick and oily consistency. It works as an excellent moisturizer. Just squeeze a few drops in your night cream, apply and leave it overnight. Say goodbye to dry skin!

Hair mask

 If you are prone to dry and itchy scalp, try vitamin E.Mix a few drops of vitamin E capsule with banana, and your mask is ready. Focus more on the scalp while applying it for maximum absorption.

Sunburn Treatment

Vitamin E protects your skin from sun damage. Suppose you are experiencing skin rash due to sunburn. Add Vitamin E oil with the coolant cream. It will soothe and heal your skin.

How often can you use Vitamin E Capsule?

You are bound to include vitamin E as it is a gold mine for your health. At the same time, it is necessary to be mindful of not going overboard with it. The Daily recommended oral dosage of vitamin E is 15mg in adults. However, topical application has no such limits.

In short, a Vitamin E capsule is a great way of maintaining your health without any side effects. Talk to your doctor and take the prescribed dosage. But don’t forget to use it in other different ways for your hair and skin.


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