Facial hair is a big turn off.  It not only embarrasses you but also makes you look un-attractive and is a complete no no. We ladies use various different ways to get rid of our facial hair, not all of us are blessed with a low hair face.  Considering various ways of getting rid of facial hair they can be divided into two categories:

  1. Permanent removal
  2. Temporary removal

We will now take them one by one for permanent and temporary. Starting with temporary.


These are the most generally used means of face hair removal, generally all girls go for these.


Ways To Prevent Facial Hair Growth


One of the most common and generally followed measure to treat the unwanted hair on your face. Here you pluck your facial hair with the plucker from the roots. This method is generally suited for occasional hair pop ups on the chin, upper lips etc. it is an easy method of hair removal. But every method has its pros and cons so it has its share of problems too.

Firstly it is a very time taking process and you have to sit and pluck out each hair which is sometimes even problematic. Secondly while plucking and even after wards it can lead to scars. So I would suggest you not to use this method except for the occasional pop ups.


Ways To Prevent Facial Hair Growth

This is another very popular way of getting rid of your facial hair. The concept is just the same as tweezing but it enables a large portion of your hair being removed at one go, thus it solves the time taking problem of tweezing. Plus it removes the hair exactly from the roots thus enables you to have a longer time before another such session. But this also has its cons, firstly it pains a lot during the process. Secondly it may cause your face skin to sag if used on the chin.

Thus as per my suggestion this method is perfect for upper lips and side of the face, so you can use it there. Avoid the chin as it may make your skin coarser and lead to skin irritation.


Ways To Prevent Facial Hair Growth


Another way of temporarily removing your hair which is very popular for upper lips and unwanted hair near eyebrows. It does not have many side effects except that it doesn’t clear the hair from the roots thus the re-grow faster.

After the temporary hair removal ways we shift to the permanent methods, if your compare them on initial cost these will look expensive but overall these turn out to be less expensive.



Ways To Prevent Facial Hair Growth


This is a very cost effective way of removing hair for light skinned people with black hair. It is also a blessing for people with darker skin tone. It works great on black hair and not on white or skin colored hair. Here I want to make clear that it is not a permanent way to lose facial hair but is semi-permanent, i.e. after sometime the hair again start growing. This does not happen immediately in other techniques like waxing but the time period of re-growth is longer. But for this do consult a dermatologist before going for a laser treatment.


Ways To Prevent Facial Hair Growth


This is the way by which one can destroy the roots for hair growth totally. In it with the help of a metal probe an electric shock is given to hair follicles for permanent hair removal. The major drawback of this method is that it is very expensive and it takes years (around 4 years) for complete removal of hair.

If you are opting for this method it is suggested that you go to a specialist and some reputed clinic so that your treatment remains in capable hands.

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Ways To Prevent Facial Hair Growth

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