Beauty product testers help manufacturers learn new things about their products such as how they work with different skin textures and tones. Testers get a collection of products from the manufacturers and use them for a few days. They report the results and tell the manufacturer their opinions about the products. The opportunity gives consumers residual earnings for using products they’d use anyway.

Finding Companies that Need Product Testers

To begin a career as a product tester, it is vital to review all beauty product manufacturers and determine if they have openings for product testers. When evaluating each opportunity, the person should avoid any offerings that require them to pay a fee. The purpose of becoming a beauty product tester is to earn extra money. These jobs do not require the person to pay any fees or make a purchase to get started. Potential product testers can learn more about beauty product testing by contacting a company that has openings.

The Basic Requirements

Most companies want someone who has an internet connection, free time to test the products and submits reviews quickly after using the products. Some companies want testers that meet a specific demographic. All cosmetics and beauty manufacturers have a target audience for each of their products. When testing the products, the manufacturers review applicants that meet these specifications. For example, anti-ageing skin cream is a great choice for more mature product testers.

The Screening Process

Companies screen their product testers according to their current requirements, but they must complete assessments to find testers that do a great job. The manufacturers may want a background check or a credit check to determine if the new worker meets the company’s preferences. Even as a product tester, the new worker must fit within the organization and shouldn’t present any risks to the company.

What Do Testers Do?

The beauty product testers receive a collection of products from the cosmetics or beauty product company to test. The tester uses each of the products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After they have used the products for a predetermined amount of time, they complete a product review and submit the full write-up to the manufacturer.

How Do They Get Paid for Their Services?

The payment structure for the beauty product tester varies among companies. Most send electronic payments after each review is received. Companies may also send a check through the mail. It really depends on the arrangements set up by the manufacturer.

For electronic payments, the companies may prefer options such as PayPal or Payoneer. Some testers may have the option to set up direct deposits into their checking account. They can review the method used to send their payments and determine what days are paydays when reviewing the company’s offer. Some manufacturers or companies may also provide a discount on full-size products or incentives for completing more reviews within a month.

Beauty product testers help companies and manufacturers determine what products perform as expected and what products aren’t. Testers try out a variety of products and complete a review to let the manufacturer know what the consumer thinks about the product. They test everything from makeup to skincare products, and the testers get paid for these efforts. It is a great way to get products and determine if the person likes them before buying a full-size option.


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Career Paths: All You Need to Know About Becoming a Beauty Product Testing Expert

  1. That sounds like a fun job for people who really love beauty products, I personally have sensitive skin so I feel like for me it would be a bad fit but thanks for the post.

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