Every decade has its own “these are the best years” but according to a research done by The Harris Poll in 2013, the real winner is the 50s. Why, you might ask? Well, mostly because after all the craziness of previous years, the 50s are the time when people usually relax, accept the things to come and decide to go with the flow. The reality is, if you haven’t done it until now, you probably never will, so people start accepting that they are as rich as they are ever going to get or as good looking as they will ever be and then they finally start enjoying the life they’ve basically just skipped through up until now.

And if you’re not convinced, these are some of the perks you can look forward to after turning 50.


Body issues are a thing of the past

In this modern day and age when people are constantly trying to hide the fact that they are getting old, pretending like you don’t care is not that easy. Each and every one of us is painfully aware of all the wrinkles, gray hairs and saggy parts of our bodies and trying to cover it up can be truly exhausting, and even ridiculous at some point. Luckily, there comes a time in our lives when none of that stuff really matters anymore and the reality finally sets in. You’ve accepted your body the way it is and the battle is over. Now, instead of spending all that time doing exercise you don’t like or boring yourself at the hairdresser’s, you can finally enjoy something just for you and still be ok with looking yourself in the mirror.

You’ll get the respect you deserve

Looking older is sometimes a good thing, simply because people feel that they should respect all the experience you’ve gathered over the years. You’ve suddenly become the authority on all the things in life and your opinion suddenly matters. Finally, you are able to hear stuff like “You were right mom” or “Thank you dad, I’m glad I’ve listened to you.” Also, there are many benefits of being a senior citizen like special discounts, people offering you their seats on public transport or places in line all in the name of your old age. So, start enjoying the respect, because you’ve earned it.

You’ll finally have time for yourself

Stepping into your 50s means that you’ll finally be able to enjoy all the things you’ve spent your whole life ignoring simply because you didn’t have enough time. Taking care of your kids, work, house chores leaves no time for fun or anything else for that matter. But now, things are about to change. You did your part and it’s time to stop and smell the roses. If your kids didn’t leave the house yet, they probably will in a couple of years and that’s when your life will start all over again. You don’t have to spend all your free time slaving around the house anymore. Rather, enjoy it by moving into one of the luxury retirement communities and start doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do, surrounded by the people of the same age. Whether it is lying by the pool, playing tennis, having a happy hour in the middle of the day or having a BBQ with your old friends and family, spending your time the way you want to is the most important thing.

You’ll stop stressing about everything

Once you become aware of your age, you’ll realize that most of the things you were stressing about were not really that important. It becomes easier to see the bigger picture when you reach a certain age. A meaningless fight, problems at work or being late to a meeting are all completely trivial compared to the realization that nothing lasts forever, not even you. And suddenly, nothing seems like a big deal anymore, so the only thing left is to kick back and start enjoying it.

When life gets you down and you feel overwhelmed and sad, just remember that there will be a time when you’ll be able to look back and laugh while holding a mimosa at the poolside in the middle of the afternoon on a work day. And that time starts when you turn 50. So, if you’re not already there, hold on for a little bit longer and know that your best years are yet to come.

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