Boston, Massachusetts’ state capital, is considered one of the most charming places in the US. It has a rich historical background that every tourist would want to explore. The city houses plenty of venues showcasing a wide range of performing arts, including the famous Boston Opera House and the Cutler Majestic Theatre. You will also find plenty of visual arts centers like the Institute of Contemporary Art and the breathtaking galleries found on Newbury Street.

Aside from visual arts, Boston is also known for its support for high-quality music. It is the birthplace of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, one of the greatest orchestras in the US. Its love for music made the city one of the popular venues for big and intimate weddings. Couples from the state and all over the country recognize the talents that wedding bands Boston have, which is why they would book their wedding reception in one of the city’s notable spots.

If you are planning your wedding, you can sit down with your chosen wedding band to discuss your choices for the reception playlist. But if you are still undecided when it comes to your song choices, here are several pointers to help you create the right wedding reception playlist that you, your future spouse, and all your guests could enjoy.

List Down Your Favorite Songs With Your Fiancé/Fiancée

Before you meet your wedding band, you must have a one-on-one talk with the person you will walk the aisle with to know the type of music you will enjoy during the big day. Make sure that you share your ideas so you can come up with the kinds of songs that will be played during your reception.

You must also discuss the song that you want the wedding band to play for your first dance and your mother/father dances. You may also ask the wedding band to play songs for special numbers from your entourage or guests. Then present the list to the band so they can practice ahead of time.

Ask Your Guests For Requests

Nowadays, more couples choose to get inputs from the people close to their hearts when building a music playlist for their reception. They would post a note on their wedding blog to ask for suggestions from their guests. Some would even include a song request line in their RSVP notes so the wedding band can practice before the wedding day.

To make the night more lively, some wedding bands in Boston also allow guests to raise their requests during the night itself.

Diversify Your Playlist

If you want to build a playlist based on your favorite songs as a couple, you need to make sure that you list down a long list of titles that the band can play for at least three to five hours. You may add more so the wedding band can have extra choices if the event gets extended.

Also, having a mixed genre in the playlist could be a good idea. Some of your guests would want to listen to soothing, old love songs, while the younger crowd wants to hear the latest hits. You may also include your parents’ or grandparents’ favorite songs then ask the band to play the hippest dance tunes for variation.

Creating the best music playlist is as important as finding the best venue in Boston for your upcoming wedding. You need to work with your wedding band to ensure that you and your guests will have the best time during the most important night. So always see to it that you plan your reception playlist properly before your wedding day.

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