One excellent way to spend your leisure time is to get into watching movies on the big screen. It’s a fun experience where you can relax, be yourself and enjoy an entertaining flick while you munch on some delicious snacks.

Unfortunately, you may not have an enjoyable experience at the movies unless you’re willing to prepare ahead of time. There are certain actions you can take that will help to ensure you leave the theatre pleased with your choice to go see a film. Movies aren’t cheap these days, so it’s worth your energy to do your homework in advance and guarantee you’re not wasting your hard-earned money.

Determine Your Mood Ahead of Time

You should always sit and reflect for a while about what mood you’re currently in before you head to the movies. For example, if you’re feeling good and energized, then you may want to choose a film where you’ll spend most of your time trying to hold back tears because you’re laughing so hard. On the other hand, if you’re a bit down and low energy, then you may want to see a movie that distracts you and causes you to have to think about what is going on in front of you. You’ll have a better experience when what you’re viewing on the screen is what you’re in the mood for.

Go with Someone Who You Like Being Around

Although you’re not interacting or talking at the movies, you should still be wise about who you pick to bring along with you. Choose a friend who you like spending time with and could see yourself hanging out with before or after the movie too. The last situation you want is to head to the show with someone who spends the entire duration talking out loud or is constantly complaining that they dislike what they’re watching or how much the movies cost them. The point is to be strategic in who you pick to join you as your company at the movies, so you have fun.

Invest in A Movie Pass & Sign up for Rewards

A great chance to go and see a lot of different movies is when you’re in college and bored on the weekends or after class. It’s not always easy to do what you want when you’re in school because you’re usually broke. This is why you should plan ahead and save up to purchase an annual movie pass and register for additional rewards that are being offered. Use this as an opportunity to build credit as a college student by paying for the tickets with your credit card and making sure to take care of the monthly bill each time it’s due. You’ll have a more enjoyable time at the movies when you budget for these types of activities in advance and don’t feel guilty about spending your money.

Choose the Right Theatre

There are more theatre options available to you then you may first realize. For example, you could hit the drive-in, check out smaller chains that may be playing more artsy type of movies or head to a big and busy spot where you know you’ll run into friends. Do your homework before the show and revisit all your choices for where your chosen flick might be available, or see if there are any other movies out there you may want to view instead after checking out the various theatres. If you’re not one for crowds, then you’ll want to scope out the peak times when the theatres are the busiest and rearrange your schedule so you can go when there are fewer people around.

Go Early & Pick A Prime Seat

The key to having a more enjoyable time at the movies is to arrive early and have plenty of time to choose a prime seat. For example, if you’re late you may end up having to sit in the front row and it may cause you some neck pain later on. Be aware of when your movie starts and head in well in advance of show time and sit back and relax while you take in the previews. Another reason why you want to scope out theatres ahead of time is because some have more comfortable seats than others, so you may want to pick the place that doesn’t have a bad seat in the house.

Know where the Nearest Restroom is & Budget for Snacks

Going to the movies is fun because there are a lot of different snack options to choose from. You can get popcorn, candy or soda to satisfy your sweet tooth and help keep you alert during the film. However, the treats can be expensive so this is another item you want to budget for before you go. Also, be sure to locate the nearest restroom available to you before heading into your specific movie in case you have to go during the show. Plan it out, so you’re not in the bathroom during the most exciting part of the movie too.

Go when You’re Well-Rested

What you shouldn’t do is spend money seeing a movie when you’re feeling exhausted. It’s likely you could fall asleep if you’re tired because of the dark room. You’ll have a more enjoyable time at the movies when you go when you’re well-rested and feeling like you have enough energy to stay awake throughout the duration of the show. On the flip-side, you also should stay away from a dark theatre if you have a lot of energy and it’s a nice day and you could be outside enjoying the weather instead.


Since movies cost so much it’s a wise idea to only go when you feel like you’ve prepared in advance using these tips. You’ll have a much better time and enjoy the movie more when you take these factors into consideration. Understand what elements you do have control over and then take the proper steps to make sure that spending your money on this type of activity was worth it.

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