Hey hi folks! Today I am writing the review of “Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein.” To start of I must mention our body needs a minimum amount of protein per day for proper growing and maintaining the proper nutrition balance. But the protein requirements of all people are not the same, they vary from person to person. They differ according to the weight of the body and the amount of physical activity one does. For example a routine office going person will have lesser protein requirements then a person who is into body building. Now coming to the product I am about to review today i.e. whey protein from nutrimed. I have bought this product from khoobsurati.com weighing 2 lbs or 908 grams approx. As I started with my routine gyming, I needed some protein as after workouts one needs quality protein for muscle recovery. We shall take a look at the product details one by one taking one aspect at a time.WP_20141125_006 WP_20141125_008 WP_20141125_021 WP_20141125_024WP_20141127_006WP_20141127_003WP_20141127_004


Size of the scoop: 50g is the size of the scoop which is on the higher side but it hardly matters if the scoop is able to fulfill the protein requirements. So though it is a little larger (normally the scoop being b\w 33-40 grams) I would rather be indifferent to this aspect.

Protein per scoop: 25g, as the scoop size is large thus we expected a large amount of protein from it but it gives only half of it as protein. But for 25 grams per serving of any product it is ample amount for muscle recovery thus I would give a thumbs up for this aspect.

Other contents: The powder also contains 4g BCAA, 2g creatine, 3g glutamine and 1g of fibre   per serving. So even this aspects gets a thumbs up but a little more grams BCAA’s and creatine would improve the product many folds.


The delivery of the product was swift as it was delivered within 3 days after I ordered it. Effectively it took two days for delivery, so a thumbs up to khubsurti.com for the swift delivery.

As for the packing, I loved the packing too, as the product was quite safe under the cardboards and was taped nicely.


This is where this product lacks, it does not taste nice. I generally have whey proteins in water and I agree they never taste good but I would have to say this one is one shade worse. For that then I tried it with skimmed milk, the taste improved but to my disappointment not much. What was problematic was the aftertaste. So I would give a one on five for the taste of the product

Umm well the mix-ability of the product wasn’t that impressive either. But yeah it was not as bad. So that can be managed. Shake it thoroughly before use.


They protein content per scoop is good plus you get good recovery after the workout. The creatine in the scoop also helps you pump the muscles better. All an all I would say this is a good product as far as its performance is concerned but better products are available in the market. You can go for them if you are ready to spend some more.


This is the segment where this product beats all. It has 18 servings per pack and is only for Rs. 1150 as per its M.R.P. you will not get any product offering these contents at such a low price. I would give it a double thumbs up for price.


Well to be very frank a lot of better products are available, but none at this rate. So this shall depend on you and your budget. If you are ready to spend more you should go for some other products, but if there is money constraint then this product is not that bad. Only bad it has is its taste the rest is all good at the price offered.

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Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein Review and Pictures

  1. We were just doing some google search activity when we came across this review of yours.

    Thank you for putting up an honest review.
    Taste is a subjective opinion and can vary person to person.

    But our main intention was to formulate the BEST product for its value in market and we hope we did justice in that. 🙂

    Dr Sumit Tiwari
    Nutrimed Healthcare

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