When it comes to motivating yourself to workout more, buying new clothing can be a clever trick. While there are plenty of secrets to a healthier body, the proper apparel can be one of the most effective tricks to try. It works because it can boost your confidence, make you feel good and guarantee your workout routine is efficient and comfortable.

In terms of clothing, you’ve most likely heard about the brands like Nike and Adidas. These are the famous brands – easy to find everywhere. But what about getting something different? You can give an extra boost to your workout routine by opting for a trendy brand that’ll cause a commotion. Brands that’ll get people chatting with you at the gym.

Top 6 Trendy Fitness Apparel Brands


So, let’s check out the top six fitness apparel brands to try right now.


Whether you are a fan of yoga or an active hiker, you can find something to stay active from LNDR. The UK-based fashion label has clothing to support an active lifestyle and you can cover your indoor and outdoor needs with their clothing. The high-quality fabrics guarantee you get the right support and cover no matter how you are moving about. The brand does have a traditional fitness apparel feel to it – you won’t find anything extra special in terms of design. This doesn’t mean that the designs wouldn’t look nice. There are plenty of colour options, although it is mainly a varied red and blue mixture. This is great for those who don’t like the colours to jump off. You can check out the brand’s website for more.

P.E Nation

On the other hand, if you are a fan of bright colours and geographic shapes, you might love P.E Nation. The activewear brand is a perfect mashup of different styles and it is guaranteed to make your exercise session just a little more fun. The items include a mixture of tomboy clothing with classic city girl outfits. You can find things like bra and leggings co-ords or add a pencil skirt to your gym bag. The brand is definitely a lot of fun and if you’d like people to comment on your clothing, this is the fitness brand to go with.

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an Australian fitness brand that has been providing women fitness clothing since 1989.The brand is more than just great exercise clothing. It comes with its own Active Living philosophy that inspires women to be the best versions of themselves. Each clothing is representative of this ideology and by choosing to wear this brand, you decide to get up every morning and put your heart and soul into everything you do. Of course, the clothing is also made of high-quality materials that allow you to move freely and to get the right support during exercise. There are a lot of size and colour options so finding something that suits your style is rather easy. If you want to check the brand out, you should also click on the link to save money on your shopping: https://www.ozcodes.com.au/store/lorna-jane/.


For those looking for a scientific take on fitness apparel, Varley is the trendy brand to keep in mind. The clothing line is all about utilising performance technology to ensure your workout sessions are not only stylish but also effective. The LA and London based company relies on the latest scientific findings and rigorous testing to make sure your movement is fully supported by the clothing. It ensures you stay adequately warm, your muscles are supported and your skin releases the right amount of sweat. It’s super scientific and it does make your exercising feel just that extra bit special. Of course, the brand also spends a lot of time getting the design right. You can find the right kind of mixture of quirky colours and fabulous patterns – how about python gym co-ord, for example.

Lou & Grey Form

If you are a fan of LOFT’s Lou & Grey clothing brand, then you are probably going to love the brand’s athleisure label. The apparel is something you can wear for your exercise sessions and find something for the journey on and off the gym. You can look sporty yet glamorous in these items. One of the biggest benefits is the famous softness of the fabrics – you won’t get an itchy skin or feel uncomfortable in these items. The prices are also rather affordable – in fact, it’s one of the most affordable fashion brands in the fitness world right now.

The Upside

The Upside is another Australian brand worth looking into. The brand has plenty of famous support, as numerous celebrities have been seen wearing it. This comes as no surprise since the fitness apparel looks and feels good. There is plenty of good workout clothing in the collection but also those special leisure items to add to your gym look. The Upside uses bright colours and floral patterns – it makes you feel upbeat and motivated to pick up the gym bag. If you love swimming, the brand’s swimwear is definitely the one to watch.

If you need a bit more motivation to get healthy, new apparel can always help. There’s nothing better than picking out one of the above brands and sorting out your gymwear for good!

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Top 6 Trendy Fitness Apparel Brands

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