Fall is the season of change. At this time of the year, the color of the leaves shift from green to golden orange, and the summer heat is overcome by the crisp, cool breeze. This natural phenomenon is a perfect inspiration for your wardrobe change. Aside from considering the shifting colors of nature, you should also use the cooling climate as an opportunity to try a completely new look. That means playing around with different styles, adjusting your skincare routine to match the weather, and trying out different fashion trends.

The Korean beauty industry has a lot to offer men and women who want to change their style for the season. This side of the fashion-friendly world has produced thousands of skincare and clothing lines that are cute, chic, and easy to use — like the brands available on YesStyle.com. These qualities make Korean products and brands attractive to fledgling and seasoned stylists alike. So, if you want to wear a different look this season, here are some of the items and styles you should watch out for.


Because of the cold climate, it is easy for your skin to lose its color and moisture. Your top priority is to rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin. Thus, it is wise to make it a habit of using the following Korean skincare products.

  1. ZaSitkoza Cleansing Gel by Too Cool for School

Za means to sleep, so this product must be applied before you doze off to dreamland. This gel by Too Cool for School is 100% oil-free and hydrates the skin while washing. Plus, with ingredients like cherry blossom extract and Damascus rose extract, your skin will surely feel supple and smooth.

  1. Pore Intracell Boosting Sheet Mask by NOHJ

The capsule-looking sheet releases self-massaging bubbles that remove impurities and excess sebum from your pores. This product gets rid of dead skin cells, all thanks to its ingredients, which include orange peel extract, tangerine peel extract, and witch hazel.

  1. Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin by Enature

Enature might be new to the skincare scene, but its products are becoming popular in Korea. Boasting 100% natural ingredients, this essence contains birch juice, chamomile, and plantain extracts that soften your skin. This product is paraben-free, mineral oil-free, and does not contain any animal ingredients. Hence, it is an all-around safe brand.

Apparel & Fashion

Korean street fashion is pretty popular outside Asia, so this style is quite accessible and familiar to those who wish to wear it. This season is big on outfits that center on one distinct color, but don’t let that stop you from mixing and matching layers of clothing.

  1. A Solid Color From Head to Toe

The woman in this photo by Yeong Mo Lee is clad in nothing but black, a color often associated with sophistication and class. The slit of her skirt is high enough to expose a portion of her leg, but the skirt itself is long enough to combat the temperature of the season. And to complete the look, the woman tops it off by accessorizing with leather, from her jacket all the way down to her shoes.

Fashion photo of young lady in elegant evening dress

  1. Exploding Prints

If you want to explore your wilder side, then wear articles of clothing that feature loud prints and strong colors. Take the man in this photograph by Alex Finch, for example. His silk scarf and jacket are screaming with 60s inspired print, but these make him stand out from the white background. Combining an accessory or apparel of a solid color will make the look more dynamic, as evidenced by the man’s bag and suit.

  1. Oversized Sweaters and Jackets

The cooling temperature means it is time to pick out a jersey or jacket. The garment doesn’t have to perfectly fit you. Oversized apparel has made its way back into the season, as shown in the 2016 Fall Winter collection by Blindness. The sleeves and the length of their jackets go beyond the arms and waist, but the clothes look comfortable and cozy nonetheless.

Matching your wardrobe with the season opens a lot of opportunities for your style to grow. And by taking these products as inspiration, you can welcome the season of fall looking unique and confident.

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