Charms jewelry needs no introduction and has become a nationwide rage in a very short span of time. Charms jewelry is an ideal present for your loved ones, be it a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion. 

The first name that pops into our minds when we talk about charms jewelry is Pandora but the thing which most of us are not aware of is that there are other alternatives available as well. Though there is no denying that Pandora’s jewelry is lovely but I for one like to explore all the options available before making a purchase. So the truth is that there are some stunning charms available if you explore outside of Pandora’s offerings. 



During my quest for Pandora’s alternatives, I came across a New York-based brand Gnoce and I can not explain how amazed I was by the variety of designs this brand is offering. So I did my little research and compared the two brands(Gnoce and Pandora)before making my final purchase and the following are the findings which I would like to share with you all.

Range of Charms Jewelry:

If we compare Gnoce’s range of colourful charms with that of Pandora’s then Gnoce is a clear winner here. This is not to say that Pandora’s charms are not lovely, they have some beautiful designs but the only drawback is that they are very much similar to one another. On the contrary, Gnoce offers a much wider and staggering range of different charms which can truly help you express your individual style. 

In case you want to explore some gothic styles or something personalised like charms with your own photos or simply want to express your love for different dog breeds then surely Gnoce is the way to go. No matter what your personal style is, you will surely get something to complement it with Gnoce’s charms.

Quality of Charms Jewelry:

There is a tie when it comes to charms jewelry’s quality as both the brands are selling high-quality jewelry. Gnoce uses 925 sterling silver jewelry with 18k gold plating for making different coloured charms. Also, the craftsmanship and the excellent material used makes the charms jewelry gorgeous and long-lasting. 

Price of Charms Jewelry:

This is another department where Gnoce charms are a clear winner as, despite their high quality and wide range of options, Gnoce charms are available at far less price than Pandora items. This makes Gnoce’s charms total value for money.

Delivery of Charms Jewelry:

Both the brands are very much reliable and quick when it comes to delivery. Gnoce has a wide range of options but still, they are able to dispatch most of their items on the same day. They ship most of their items within 24 hours. Even the personalised charms are dispatched in 1-3 working days which is totally wonderful.

Final Verdict:

Well, there is nothing wrong with Pandora’s charms jewelry, they surely provide high-quality charms which are loved by many people across the globe. Though I would surely prefer Gnoce’s charms jewelry for some very evident and obvious reasons as they provide a much wide range of options including a wide variety of personalised options at much affordable prices without compromising anything on the quality of the jewelry. 

Another advantage of Gnoce’s charms is that they can fit the most popular charms bracelets including Pandora’s charms bracelets. So if you already have a charms bracelet from any brand including Pandora you can still get the opportunity to choose from Gnoce’s wide range of charms. So guys in short for me Gnoce is the clear winner here as it provides better prices, a wider range and personalised options which will reflect your personal style.


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Which Brand is Best for Charms Jewelry: Gnoce or Pandora?

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